Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


9. Talk to You

Niall's P.O.V. 
"Babe, please tell me this is a joke and that you remember me." I whispered
"I... Uh...." She said 
Katie's P.O.V. 
The only thing I remember is Emma. Everything else is like having the word you’re thinking of on the tip of your tongue but not knowing it exactly. "Where's Emma?" I asked. At that moment Emma ran into the room and gave me a huge hug. 
"I need to talk to you." I whispered in her ear. She nodded and told.... the boy..... Ugh he seems so familiar! He left the room and I immediately asked Emma 
"Who is he? He seems really familiar!" 
She gave me a look
"That's because he's you're boyfriend" 
"My what?" I asked in shock 
"Your boyfriend babe, he loved you. He still does! It will crush him I you don't remember" but I was out of it
"What were we like?" I asked almost dreamily 
"You two were the picture of love and happiness. Good lord woman you're making me sound like a right hippy! You guys were so happy..." She trailed off 
"What?" I asked 
"We'll... You dumped him so as to not hold him back. You were so sick of him being busy. You told him, if you're too busy to spend time with your girlfriend you're too busy to have one" she said and avoided my eyes
*flash back* 
"If you too busy to see your girlfriend, you're too busy to have one." 
*flash back ends*
I gasped 
"I remember that! Tell me more!" I said hoping I would remember 
"Well, there was this one time edits the breakup, you guys were at a fountain and Niall said 'make a wish' and you said 'I wish you would-" 
"Fall into the fountain! And then I pushed him but he pulled me in! I remember! Tell me more!" 
This went on for about an hour before Emma stepped out to speak with Niall. Emma's P.O.V.
I stepped out to see Niall curled in a ball with his head on his knees. He looked up and I saw that his eyes were red and puffy. I leaned down and sat on the floor next to him. I gave Jim a big hug and he just cried. 
"When you tell her a memory she remembers it." I said and he looked up "What?! So if I tell her everything about us she'll remember?!" He asked really excitedly. 
"I think so." I said and that's what he did. 
He walked right in and sat down for three hours telling her first everything about them and then everything about her life to the best of his knowledge. Like EVERY THING! 
When he came out it was only for a second and it was to tell me that Katie remembered. 
"You wanna come in?" He asked
"Nah. I think I'll just head home. You deserve some time with her" he smiled and gave me a hug before running into the room. 
Katie's P.O.V.
Niall ran back in and sat by me. 
"I missed you," he said when he walked back in.
I immediately felt guilty. Apparently he could tell. 
"What's wrong princess?" He asked worriedly which only made me feel worse 
"I was just thinking about how, if I hadn't been so stupid none of this would have happened." I said softly 
"No! Don't think like that! It's not your fault princess." He said and gave me a big hug and stroked my hair. 
"But it is. I could've.... Or I didn’t....... Okay so I don't know how it is but it is! Oh! I know! If I hadn't spilled the batter the kitchen wouldn't have caught fire!” I said triumphantly. He laughed.
“And why did you spill the batter? Because I scared you.” He said
“Hmmmm. Oooooo! If I hadn’t poured baking soda everywhere I wouldn’t have slipped.” I said
“And the flat would’ve burned down.” He said
“Oooooo! If I hadn’t made a joke I wouldn’t have laughed so hard that I slipped.” I said
He thought about that for a minute.
“Yeah but you only made a partial joke. For the most part you were just scolding me in a very unintimidating way. Cause its true. Me mum did warn me not to play in the kitchen.” He said and at that I just had to laugh. As I did so I almost immediately winced.
“Are you okay princess?!” Niall asked fluttering around with his hands trying to figure out what was wrong.
“Niall, I’m fine. It just hurts my head to laugh hard.” I said trying to calm him down.
“Are you sure? I should probably call a nurse,” he said looking for the call nurse button on the wall.
“Yeah but not for that. You should call them about the amnesia and then me remembering.” I told him then pointed to the button chuckling.
“Okay,” he said and a moment later the nurse came in. we told her everything. She told us that, though it doesn’t happen often, this has happened before. She said I should be good to go as soon as the doctor comes in and gives the okay. As soon as he did Niall had me in a wheel chair wheeling me to Louis’ car. Louis was in the front seat waiting.
“How long have you been here Louis?” I asked him
“As long as you.” He said as Niall got me in the car.
“Why?! You could have just gone home!” I said, feeling guilty (yet again) that he had been here so long.
“Nonsense! I visited while you were sleeping, then got a bite to eat, and then just gave you and Niall alone time.” He said mater of factly
“I just didn’t want you to waste your whole day on me,” I said
“Nonsense!” He said and drove home
“Niall?” I asked confused
“Yeah?” he said
“This isn’t the way to my flat?” I said/asked
“Nope, you’re gonna be staying with me. I can’t have me princess all alone after the accidents can I?” he said
“What about Emma?” I asked
“Uni remember?” he asked
I sighed in defeat and leaned my head on his shoulder.
“I’m not leaving you, not this time.” He whispered in my ear.
I looked at him and he smiled slightly and blushed. I giggled and gave him a quick kiss.
“I love you” he said and leaned in for a kiss
“Oi! You two! Get a room!” Louis yelled from the front seat
“We would if you’d stop driving like a grandmother,” I yelled at him
“Would you like to walk?” he asked
“You wouldn’t actually make the cripple wheel herself home would you?” I teased
“What do ya know?” I asked as Louis sped off laughing
I could see Niall trying to get Louis to stop before they turned a corner and cut off my view.
I huffed and started to wheel towards the flat.
I looked at myself in the window of a shop. I looked like a right cripple. I was wearing everyday cloths: skinny jeans, skin-tight tank-top with a baggie hoodie, and black boots. It was actually kinda funny. I was wheeling home when I hit a bump and the chair flipped over. I hit my cheek on the concrete and felt it scrape. I stood up and got the chair back on its wheels. By this time it was getting dark and I was lost. It was also getting kinda cold. I shivered and looked around. I was on a small street surrounded by small shops (most of which were closed or closing). I sat back down and got my phone out of the pocket on the hoodie. Broken. Brilliant, just brilliant. I turned it on and saw the screen was completely shattered. I swiped the screen and unlocked it, slightly cutting my finger in the process. 8:37. Great. I called a taxi and finally got home. I paid the driver and decided to have some fun. I went into the shed and –they had the kind of shed that looks like a mini house- since it was mostly empty in the back (and totally concealed from the door) set up some of the sleeping bags they had on one of the shelves into a very comfy bed, if I do say so myself. I decided to camp there until they found me.
From a small window I could see the boys’ large, mansion-like, house. I could just make out the shape of someone pacing by the window. After I watched them pace for a while I went to sleep.
When I woke up I was really cold. Ugh! Curse my habit of wiggling out of sleeping bags! They’re just so smothering though! I decided that now was a good time to go see the boys. 
I walked in the house like I owned the place and very loudly slammed the front door. I leaned against it. Waiting for someone to come running. It was Zayn. Wow that’s surprising; I thought nothing could wake him up.
“Where-‘’ I covered his mouth
“Shh! I’m getting back at Louis and niall for leaving me alone.” His eyes were filled with worry
“What’s wrong?” I asked. He rolled his eyes. “Oh, duh” I said and took my hand off his mouth
“What happened?!” He whispered and lightly touched my cheek. I winced and he jerked his hand away.
“Well, at first I actually used the wheel chair they said I should use for a day or so but it hit a bump and flipped over,” I said and blushed
He chuckled and shook his head.
“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” He said and led the way to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet –which surprisingly had a fuzzy black seat cover on it- and he got a cloth with alcohol it. He touched it to my cheek.
“Ouch!” I whisper/hissed
“I’m sorry but it needs to be cleaned.” He said apologetically
At that minute Niall walked past the bathroom. He had red rimmed eyes and bags under them. He didn’t notice me; he kept walking then did a double take and ran into the bathroom.
“Katie!” he grabbed me and pulled me into a huge hug.
“You said you wouldn’t leave me.” I said really pitifully. Oh yeah, I was gonna milk this.
“I’m sorry princess! I tried to make him stop! I almost jumped out of the car!” he had tears in his eyes.
“Babe! I’m sorry! I was just messing with you! I camped out in the shed!” he looked at me shocked. They both did.
“I… was ….. So …..WORRIED! And you were in the shed?!” he whisper-yelled
“Are you mad?” he looked at my face and he just realized my bloody cheek
“What happened?!” he asked in shock
“Don’t touch it! I was wheeling home and…… the……. Wheelchair…..hit …a bump…”I trailed off as I slipped into darkness
Zayn’s p.o.v
We watched in shock as she slid to the ground almost hitting her head on the tub. Before she could hurt herself, niall and I caught her and ran her to Niall’s bedroom and laid her on the bed.
“Not again! Not this time! She was supposed to be fine! I bet she got another concussion when she hit her cheek! I am gonna kill-” I put my hand on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes.
“Calm down. Call the doctor. We will have to get advice over the phone. Go wake Louis, his mum is a nurse,” he started to give me the evil eye but I had none of it and told him to go get Louis. When Louis walked in he had a bag of frozen peas and a hot water bottle.
“You never know. She could need either,” he said with a shrug.
“Meh,” Katie said groggily as she sat up.
“Princess are you okay!?” niall practically shouted
“Yeah, uh I’m fine,” she said
“What do you mean you’re fine?!” I stared at Niall in shock. Did he just yell at Katie?
Tears welled up in Katie’s eyes and Niall’s eyes were soon filled with guilt.
“Katie wait,” he started but she just backed away and right when the first tear fell more and more fell after it. She ran out of the room.
“Let me go get her,” Niall was about to protest but thought better of it and let me go.
I went out back to our weeping willow. Underneath it we had a small pond with lilies. I looked up and sure enough there was Katie, sitting on the fat branch. I climbed up and sat by her. Her head was turned the other way. I wrapped my arms around her and she sank into my chest.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I don’t know what’s going on. I randomly faint and say I’m fine, don’t know why I do I just do, then Niall yells at me and all of a sudden my brain just goes blank and I run.” She says with a voice that sounds like she’d been crying.
“Babe, he’s just worried. He’s not mad at you. And what do you mean your mind went blank?” I asked
“It just…. My thoughts…. I was just so worried and confused and sad that niall was mad that I guess I just went into overload. Is this because of my?” she pointed to her head as she asked nervously. I knew what she meant. Is this going to happen again?

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