Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


7. Symptoms

Katie's pov

I woke up in Niall's arms. And let me tell you, that is an awesome way to wake up! I turned over to face him and saw him smiling in his sleep, it was quite cute. I heard my stomach rumble and apparently so did he. He opened his eyes and smiled.
"Good morning princess" he said and stretched.
"Good morning Niall" I said and yawned.
" I take it that you're hungry?" I just nodded"why don't we go make something then?" He asked and helped me up. I looked around in the cupboards and found enough stuff for pancakes.
"Hey babe, are pancakes okay for breakfast?" I called into the living room seeing as he had migrated back there to clean up the popcorn and blankets mess or what have you.
"Yeah that sounds great, thanks" he called back
I turned on the stove and put the big skillet on. When it was hot enough I pored some pancake batter in but spilled it everywhere when Niall yelled "boo!" Behind me. Unfortunately for me, I was using the kind of stove where the burners have those little flames in a circle, but yeah. The pancake batter Burt all over it then almost instantly caught fire.
"Holy! Niall! Oh crap!" I yelled and quickly turned off the stove but the batter was still burning and the fire had spread the the cook books that were stacked by the stove top.
"Oh sh-" I started but was cut off by the smoke detector going off.
"It" I finished and started pouring baking soda everywhere. 
"What are you doing?! Throw some water over it!" Niall yelled
"No! Don't! When there is an oil based fire water just spreads it! My mum thought me that." I said proudly as the fire was extinguished.
I turned to look at him and said sternly " and that, young man, is why your mum told you not to play in the kitchen when the stove is on," I said while trying to keep a straight face. Then burst out laughing at the expression on his face.
He raised his eye brow and I laughed harder, I was laughing so hard that when I took a step I literally fell flat on my back. Stupid baking soda! Why do you have to be so slippery on tile?!
"Babe are you okay?!?" Niall asked worried as he tried to help me up
"Ow...." I trailed off as my vision darkened and got blurry.
"No! You gotta stay awake! Keep your eyes open! Emma! Harry! Get you areses down here! They ran down after about three seconds and freaked out at the sight of the burnt counter, baking soda , and ,oh yeah, the blood stained powder around my head and me laying on the ground.
"Call an ambulance!" He practically screamed. 
"Niall," I mumbled almost incoherently.
"Sh, babe. Don't talk, an ambulance is on the way. You're gonna be fine. You have to be." He whispered the last part as a tear fell from his eye.
"Don't cry..." I trailed off as I slipped into unconsciousness.

Niall's pov

No! No! No!
Everything had been So perfect, so right! It isn't fair! Just as things are going well she has to get hurt! Those were the thoughts that were running. Thought my mind as we sat in the waiting room at the hospital. The front door swung open as the rear of the boys ran in. Their eyes searching the room for me, they finally saw me in the back corner of the room with my head in my hands.
"Mate," Liam said comfortingly but sadly as he sat down next to me. 
"Why? Why her? Things were going so well! Everything was just getting to be right!" I said as I felt tears falling downy face.
"I don't know Niall, I really don't know." He said sadly as he pat my shoulder comfortingly. 
"Lawrence, Katie?" The woman at the front desk called out.
I shot up and ran to the front desk.
"Is she okay?!" I asked
"She's in a medically infused coma right now but they are taking the drug off and will begin the antidote tomorrow so I suggest you go home and get some rest" she said kindly
"Can I stay with her?" I asked
She sighed but smiled understandingly
"Sure but I'll need your name," she said and grabbed a pen to write it down
I leaned in and whispered "Niall Horan" she gasped I quickly said "Sh! Please, I don't want attract attention" I said quietly
She nodded and quickly wrote down my name.
"She's in room 305," she said and gave me a visitors pass.
"Thank you" I said and ran down the hall, desperate to find Katie's room. When I finally found her room I quickly ran on and found her asleep with bandages wrapped around her head.
"Katie" I whimpered as I touched her raven hair. The boys walked in a second later wearing visitor passes and ran over to where I was kneeled beside her.
"We gotta head home buddy, we will tell management what happened." I just nodded.
*next day*
"Alright Mr.Horan, we're going to give her the antidote to the sedative. Now, before we do we need to warn you of the symptoms the sedative, the antidote, and the injury itself. First of all, the medication might give her headaches, mood swings, dizziness , drowsiness , and nausea." I nodded.
"The antidote may give her headaches, nausea, confusion, and hyperness." I nodded
"Lastly, the concussion might give her memory loss, confusion, headaches, nausea, fatigue, slurred speech, and possibly seeing flashing lights." They said and I just nodded.
The plugged in a new drip and an hour later she was still asleep.
"Please wake up" I whispered for the umpteenth millionth time. I reached over to her and brushed a stray hair from her face. As I did I saw her eye twitch a bit. I quickly leaned in and grabbed her hand.
" babe if you can hear me squeeze my hand,"

Katie's pov
I felt nothing. I said nothing. Everything was black, out of the blackness I heard someone talking. A voice so sad it hurt.
"Katie" the voice whispered and moved some really annoying piece of hair from my face. Yeah, out of everything I felt that bit of hair. My eye twitched as the hair was moved. Wait what? My eye twitched? Yes! Movement!
"Babe, if you can here me squeeze my hand" the familiar voice said excitedly. I tried and I tried but my hand would not move! The person waited and waited but there was no twitch of the finger. I heard him sit back down and sigh.
"I guess it was to much to hope for" he said sadly. 
His voice was so sad that I had to try again. I tried with all my might and finally felt my finger move the slightest bit.
"Katie?! Oh Katie! Open your eyes!" The stranger said
I tried with all my might and finally they opened.
"Oh Katie!" The stranger said. He had blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sea "Katie?" He asked
"H-how do you know my name?" I asked confused
"Katie? Come on Katie this isn't funny." He said worriedly. 
" no it isn't! Who are you and how do you know my name? "

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