Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


5. Superman!

Emma’s p.o.v.
“Niall I’m-” I started but then Katie opened the door
“I have a feeling nobody is gonna leave me alone until we get this over with” she asked it like it was a question
“Nope” I answered
Niall just sat there staring at her, she looked away and walked back into her room but this time she left it open.
“Should we leave you two alone?” I asked, gesturing to her and Niall. They nodded. We left them to it.
Niall’s p.o.v.
I walked into her room and saw that not only was she wearing my hoodie but she had sat down on her bed and had the blanket I had given her curled up in her lap.
There was a VERY awkward silence and I heard her whisper very quietly “awkward silence” like she always did when that happened. We chuckled a bit then I asked her the question I had been wondering the past two weeks.
“Why?” I asked her looking her straight in the eyes. She sighed and I saw her eyes brimming with tears until they spilled over. She just looked down. I crawled onto her bed and wiped away the tears and gave her a big hug. She started to just flat out cry.
“Shh, shh, baby it’s okay. I’m here.” I said
“But you shouldn’t be! You should be off living your dream Niall! You should be out doing everything you dreamed about when we were back in Mullingar, before I moved here when we were kids. Before I came and interfered. The moment I came to see you when you came to London I ruined it! Then I blamed it on you! Niall, you have to move on! I’ll only hold you back like I’ve always done.” She said. I looked at her shocked
“No! Don’t you ever say that! When you came to visit me when I was about to leave for boot camp, Katie I wasn’t going to go! I was so scared! Then you told me to win it for you so I tried! But then you left and I didn’t have a reason to try! Luckily we had just finished the X-factor or we would’ve failed right then and there!” I said. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes
“Really?” she asked
“Truly. Katie, I know it will be hard not seeing each other, and I know it will be tough seeing me everywhere, but we will do it. We have to try. Katie I owe all of this to you, you can’t leave me now.” I said and she just curled up next to me and nodded.
‘Okay you can leave me just this once but only to take a shower!” I said and turned my head away.
“Yeah that might be a good idea” She said and went to go take a shower
I walked out of her room and went into the living room to find harry and Emma talking. When I walked out I threw my heads up in the air and nodded my head.
“Did ya get her back?” Harry asked excitedly.
“Yup” I said popping the “p”
I turned around and saw Katie standing in the hallway in (thank goodness) new clothes and wet hair. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug.
‘’I never stopped loving you’’ I whispered in her ear. She looked up at me and gave me a smile. I leaned down to kiss her but she leaped back. I raised my eyebrow.
“Let me go brush my teeth” she said
“Haha” I said
She ran to the bathroom and came back like three minutes later.
She gave me a huge smile.
“Okay!” she said
I just laughed and picked her up to kiss her.
“Awww! Get a room!” Emma yelled
The front door slammed open and Katie screamed.
Emma just laughed and said “come on in boys!”
They ran in and gave me a huge hug.
“He smiles!” Louis yelled
Katie gasped and yelled “superman!” and ran over to give Louis a big hug
“I’m hurt!” Zayn said and she ran over and gave him and Liam big hugs.
“Yay! No more moping!” Louis yelled and we all laughed
“guys this is great and all but I’m bored now,” emma complained
“how about a movie night?” Liam said
“sure!” we all yelled and settled down for a Toy Story marathon. Halfway through the movie, Katie fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. I had a feeling that everything was gonna be okay now.
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