Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


4. Keys.

Katie’s p.o.v.
“Meh” I grumbled when Emma walked in
“Get up “She ordered
“Why?” I whined “Why can’t you let me waste away in peace?”
“Fine, don’t take a shower. You can just look like this when Niall shows up” she said while tidying up around the room.
“I’m up!” I said and sat straight up.
I’m going to the store to buy something to erase this. She said and gestured to the room. “I will be back in ten minutes, take a shower” She said then left the room
I ran through the house and collected every key that could possibly unlock my room door then ran into my room and locked the door.
Emma walked through the front door at that instant and heard the door slam. She dropped her bags immediately and ran to my room.
“Katie! Let me in!!!!” She screeched as she desperately yanked and pulled on the door knob.
“Don’t bother getting a key. I’ve got them all.” I said smugly
I heard her sink to the ground.
“Katie he misses you, I mean REALLY misses you. He’s a mess Katie. He hasn’t gotten out of bed for two weeks but to go to the loo. He turned down Nando’s Katie, NANDO’S!” She said.
I opened the door, “I can’t let him back in Emma. I just can’t. It wouldn’t be fair to him, we’d never see each other; like last time, we’d constantly fight; like last time, and I’d be a rubbish girlfriend or even friend; JUST LIKE LAST TI-” I stopped to see Niall in the hallway with Harry. I yelped and slammed the door shut.
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