Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


8. Author not

Hey guys!

So, I write this story on my computer and upload it like that but recently my computer hasn't been letting me log in to anything!

I have to find another way to log in rather than the log in button.

I know, you're probably thinking how do you do that? I don't exactly. it's complicated.

So, I have Microsoft word and Microsoft doesn't get get along with apple (my iPhone) so when I write and update sometimes it gets all screwy. (Lines get pushed together when there is supposed to be a gap (via enter button), P.O.V. s are pushed right up to the sentence and what have you) so I'm really sorry bout all that.


I am soooooooo sorry about not updating for ages! I had been staying after school for so long!

we got first place in our competition (I don't know if I said that already) and we wanted to perfect what we were doing.

when spring break came I didn't want to do anything so I'll try to update again this weekend

our state thing is on the twentieth and since I know we won't go to globals I should update more after that.


i know my authors notes are pointless and boring so if you do t read them that's your choice but I appreciate it if you do!


Aaaaaaand! For those of you who sat through my pointless rambling!

I need three girls to be in my story!

i need a girlfriend for Zayn&Harry

Then I need a friend For Kat!

Please enter the following in the comments if you wish to be in my story


Hair color:


The Boy: Harry/Zayn

Fovorite food:

And a bit about yourself:)

thank you!!


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