I hate that i love you...

(AKA:Love.. pshh... you must be joking!)
Riley lost her father when she was 16. She lived with her stepmother, which only married her father for all the money, but it wasn't going to last long. Her father was very ill and when it became really serious, he died. Her father was in debt for another company beside his own, and didn't get to pay the debt cause he died, so when he died the company went bankrupt. Riley and her stepmother gave away they're house,gold and furniture..EVERYTHING. Now she works a part time job so she can earn money for her mother. She goes to school like everybody, but she is being bullied by the other everyday. The only thing she loved to do was to sing. She wanted to move to london to enter xfactor, but her mother didn't allow her to do. But maybe her life would get better when she meets the boy band one direction, or maybe get worse?? Will she be able to be the next big singer?? Will she fall in love?? Will she be able to survive being around one direction??


3. Meeting The Judges...


Right now I’m in the airport waiting for someone to come and pick me up. Simons manager told me to wait right beside the exit door, and someone would come and pick me up. I didn’t know who, but I only know that it was a human. Not even if it was a girl or not.

I almost couldn’t stand on my feet anymore. I've stood here in a while now, and nobody ever came to pick me up. I’m properly forgotten. Like always.

“I wish I could just hit that person in the face right now. How can they forget me. This moment. Right now!?” I said to myself, out of anger.

“Riley?” A deep voice sounded behind me. I got a chock and slowly turned around. Five boys were standing behind me. I knew exactly who they were. Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis. One direction. Why were they here? I wasn’t really a fan, but people in the restaurant I worked at, always spoke about how amazing they are, that how I knew about them. Taylor, also told me about them. She was a big fan. I never really heard their music, but I guess it’s really good, and that they’re famous.

I was really embarrassed. I hope they really didn’t hear what I said. I person suddenly appeared behind them, it was Simon. I didn’t really know what to say, so I just waited for one of them to say something to break the awkwardness.

“Sorry, we came so late. There was traffic.” Simon said smiling. I could see Simon suddenly looking over to the boys and over to me again. It was a sign to the boys, to say something to me.

“S-Simon told that you have an amazing voice!” Niall said looking at me, then over to Simon again. I looked at each of the boys. Taylor was right. They are really handsome. Everyone was smiling warm at me, even Simon. But only of them didn’t smile. Zayn. He wasn’t even looking at me. I don’t know why, but everyone was shining so brightly, but it was there was a dark shadow around Zayn. He looked mad and annoyed, for some reason. Even though he was wearing only light colors, the darkness was still showing. He had a dark area around him. He caught me in glaring at him, so I hurried up and looked back at Simon.

“Shall we go?” He said, and everybody followed him. I walked by his side with my suitcase.

“They must be heavy! Let me take that for you!” Harry said and suddenly took my suitcase from me. I tried to told him, that it wasn’t that heavy and that I that he doesn't need to, but he just ignored me. Now Harry was walking on my left side, while Simon on my right side.

In the car Simon told me that my judges were One Direction. I didn’t know if I had to feel chocked, nervous or something else. But instead I felt stupid. If I had known, I would've have got more information’s about them, since they had to be my judges. It would be stupid not to know that much about the persons that had to listen and judge my voice. I didn’t even hear Zayn’s voice the whole way. For some reason I felt like he was an outsider. He didn’t care of what we talked about, maybe he didn’t even know that I was sitting right beside him. Because of him, I felt very scared, and I don’t even know why. He was looking out of the window the whole time. He still looked very annoyed and mad. Maybe it was because of me.

“Can I go now??” Zayn suddenly said with a tired voice. His voice was so deep, and could melt any girls voice. He was properly talking to Simon since he was looking at him. Did he want to leave? He didn’t want to be here in the first place. I guess that it really was me he was annoyed at.

“We made a deal.” Simon said coldly, without even looking at him.

The rest of the way was silent.

Awkward I think...

I didn’t even know where I was being brought.

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