I hate that i love you...

(AKA:Love.. pshh... you must be joking!)
Riley lost her father when she was 16. She lived with her stepmother, which only married her father for all the money, but it wasn't going to last long. Her father was very ill and when it became really serious, he died. Her father was in debt for another company beside his own, and didn't get to pay the debt cause he died, so when he died the company went bankrupt. Riley and her stepmother gave away they're house,gold and furniture..EVERYTHING. Now she works a part time job so she can earn money for her mother. She goes to school like everybody, but she is being bullied by the other everyday. The only thing she loved to do was to sing. She wanted to move to london to enter xfactor, but her mother didn't allow her to do. But maybe her life would get better when she meets the boy band one direction, or maybe get worse?? Will she be able to be the next big singer?? Will she fall in love?? Will she be able to survive being around one direction??


4. Hate This Guy


We arrived at a big building. I couldn’t see anything, until I got out of the car. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the Xfactor building. I opened up my eyes and mouth as much as I could. I couldn’t believe it. I suddenly noticed everyone laughing. I turned around and found out that it was me they were laughing at. Harry came closer to me and placed his hand on my head, and played with my hair. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there without moving.

 I noticed that Zayn was looking at me behind, Harry’s shoulders. He was looking me deep in my eyes. I felt a little uncomfortable and looked away. Simon yelled at us from afar, and told us to hurry up. We ran over to him and walked in the building.

Simon showed me around, and told me that the auditions were in a week so I had no time to waste. Zayn, suddenly moved closer to me, and stood beside me. He looked like he had something to say, so I looked at him. He crossed his arms and opened his mouth. “People come to audition, and only people with talent and potential can continue.” He said and looked at me, with his scary eyes. What did he mean by that? Did he think that I didn’t have talent? I was known for my short temper, so he properly shouldn’t have said that to me.

“Sorry, but I already know that and I didn’t come here to play if that was what you thought, okay? And by the way, if you have a problem with me, then just say it instead of being a spoiled kid.” I said and gave him a cold smile. I could see Zayn almost exploding, after I said that. He pulled himself together, and smiled at me.

 “Fine! I do have a problem with you, so don’t get on my nerves more than you already is, if you even care a little about your carrier, if you even have one!” He said thinking that he won. I opened my mouth and was about to yell back at him, but someone suddenly putted a hand on my shoulder. I looked behind me and Harry just stood there and said

“Just be the mature one, and leave him alone.” And smiled. “Zayn is always like that when he’s mad.” Louis suddenly said and putted a hand on Zayn’s shoulder. “You should be a little mature too, Zayn.” Liam said, getting closer. Me and Zayn looked away from each other, and crossed our arms. Niall was just standing there, watching us like a movie.

After that, Simon showed me the hotel room I was going to stay in, for now.

“You must be tired, go in and rest, we will leave now. Goodbye, Riley.” Simon said and smiled while walking away. The other boys just were about to leave but they stayed a little more and told me that if I have any problems I should just contact them. Liam gave me his phone number and told me contact them through his number. They told me to go in and rest, when they walked away.

 Zayn was the first one to leave after Simon.

Am I that bad?

I threw myself in my bed and told myself not to think about him and how much I hate him.

How is my future going to look like, when a guy that hates me and worst part is..

He's my judge!

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