I hate that i love you...

(AKA:Love.. pshh... you must be joking!)
Riley lost her father when she was 16. She lived with her stepmother, which only married her father for all the money, but it wasn't going to last long. Her father was very ill and when it became really serious, he died. Her father was in debt for another company beside his own, and didn't get to pay the debt cause he died, so when he died the company went bankrupt. Riley and her stepmother gave away they're house,gold and furniture..EVERYTHING. Now she works a part time job so she can earn money for her mother. She goes to school like everybody, but she is being bullied by the other everyday. The only thing she loved to do was to sing. She wanted to move to london to enter xfactor, but her mother didn't allow her to do. But maybe her life would get better when she meets the boy band one direction, or maybe get worse?? Will she be able to be the next big singer?? Will she fall in love?? Will she be able to survive being around one direction??


2. Excaping


Riley P.O.V

It's 4am in the morning, and i'm just sitting in bed looking at the wall and thinking about what that just happened today. "Simon wants to make me a big star..??" I whispered while looking at the paper he gave me with his managers number. "Shhh! Shut up, and go to sleep!" Mary yelled at me. I just listened to what she said and got back to sleep.

It's 6am in the morning right now. I'm getting ready to go to work. I've brushed my teeths, got a shower, got out of the door and ran all the way. When i got there i didn't greet anyone. I just walked in and started to work. I could feel that everybody was looking at me with a suprissed look on their face. I just couldn't forget about what happened yesterday! Simon Cowell acturally wants me in xfactor and this is a once in a life oppotunitie! But.. What should i do?? I guess I have to speak with Mary about it first.

"WAKE UP!" A yelling voice said. It was Taylor. She was visiting me in the resturant as a costumer. And as soon as i heard her voice i disovered that i was in middle of pouring caffelatte all over the place without knowing while i was thinking. "If your tired, you can just go home" my boss said while walking towards me.

"No, i'm okay"

"You really are??"

"Yeah.. it's okay."

"No, you always work very hard. I owe it to you."

"Well, okay... Thankss.."

I took my jacket on again and walked out of the door.

"What's wrong girl??"


"You know that I know when somethin's up with you, now tell me, what's the matter??"

"Really nothing! I just..."

"Girl, don't play dumb with me! i'm gettin' mad here!"

"Simon Cowell came yesterday and invited me to xfactor, and i know that this is my chance and what i've been waiting for but i can't go because of Mary!"

"... Chiiil giiirl! I was just askin'. And you seriously wan't me to believe that??


"........ Okay I believe you..... Damn that Mary! She always ruines what's best for you! But think about it! Don't you want to do somethin' for yourself this time and not for Mary?? Cause we both know that she is just a sl** that married your father because of the cash!"

Later that day...


"Mary i have to talk to you"

"What now!??" she said with that annoying little voice

"I know that you never allowed me to goto Xfac---"

"NO! How many times should i say it! Never!"

"WHY!?? You have never allowed me to do anything! This is my dream and my only chance to get back up!"

"You...You've never raised you voice at me.."

"I know that it's only a matter of time before leave me, that you don't care about me and that you are only using me! But I'm going to Xfactor!"

"Do what you want! Pshh...You can't even stand one minute without me! As you said, I don't care about you so do what you want!"


The moment she said that, I took my back suitcase and putted all my stuff inside it. I didn't have that many things so it didn't take that long. I took the bag and slamed the door behind me and the first thing i did was to call Simon Cowells manager.









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