I hate that i love you...

(AKA:Love.. pshh... you must be joking!)
Riley lost her father when she was 16. She lived with her stepmother, which only married her father for all the money, but it wasn't going to last long. Her father was very ill and when it became really serious, he died. Her father was in debt for another company beside his own, and didn't get to pay the debt cause he died, so when he died the company went bankrupt. Riley and her stepmother gave away they're house,gold and furniture..EVERYTHING. Now she works a part time job so she can earn money for her mother. She goes to school like everybody, but she is being bullied by the other everyday. The only thing she loved to do was to sing. She wanted to move to london to enter xfactor, but her mother didn't allow her to do. But maybe her life would get better when she meets the boy band one direction, or maybe get worse?? Will she be able to be the next big singer?? Will she fall in love?? Will she be able to survive being around one direction??


1. Once in a life oppotunitie of "him"!


Riley P.O.V


I woke up as the first thing in the morning and looked around to see if Mary was home. Mary is my stepmother. She doesn't like it when i called her mom, cause she says that she doesn't like me. I always choose to ignore it when she says it, because i only have her back since the death of my father. And i remembered her always being so caring when my father used to be here, but when he left, she became a bitch. And i know that she only married him because we were so rich and it's only a matter of time before she leaves me, and go marry another man. But i dont have another choice! I have to stay with her, beause i don't have anywhere else to go. I've now worked part time job in a long time, just to hid the money that i have saved so that maybe if someday i go to audition to xfactor i London. And i'm not letting Mary take the money away from me! And she never liked the idea of me going to audition cause she want's me to stay and make money for her. So im just hoping that my life will cange one lucky day, and i'm woking hard on that. Just like how i became poor in one day, i will be rich in one day again, for sure!

I have never been good to do anyrthing in my life/a good for nothing child( The only talent i have is to sing. And i want share it with the world. I want to make money out of that. I will go to audition and make some good money! I just gotta make Mary acctept that one day!

I didn't have school today, we had two weeks vacation. Everytime i have vacation, i get really happy! And it's mostly because that i get bullied in school for not being normal kids as then. I used to go to a school with only rich kids and kids with a good family background. But i got expelled when i my father died. Now i get bullied every day at this new school. there are many rumors about me. Some of the rumor says that i work at a bar as a slut just to earn money. Some other says that i have been in prison befor in my life because i take after my father. Excuse me, but, WTF?? 

I looked at the clock and saw that if I didn't stop daydreaming, I would come late to work again. I took a quick bath, brushed my teeths, changed my clothes and went straight out. I ran as fast as i could, cause if i came late again my boss would eat me up! So i got there and made it in the last minute. So i greeted everybody while i was taking my jacket off and i noticed that my boss was looking at me with a tired look on his face again. while i was there i heard people screaming like somebody was going to eat them and I also saw many people that took pictures. I guess somebody famous was going to come in, because while the door was opening the people in the resturant got op of their seats and opened their mouth like they saw i ghost. I heard i deep voice saying if he could get a table. I looked and saw that it was Simon Cowel! i got a big shock and just kept standing there. At that moment i said to myself "dont be nervous! be mature! if you keep being like this Simon Cowel will just be unconfortable!" So i just pretended that i didnt care and just lead him to his table. I asked him what he would like to eat and he said "Anything that suits your taste"  and i just turned around saying "If that's what you would like" I turned around so that he couldn't see my red face!

I always sing when i have to do the dishes and that's why we get many customers. My bff, Taylor says that our place is known because of my voice. So, well thats what i did. I sang.

So when the dish was ready i looked myself in the mirrow to see if something was wrong with my face...Well it was Simon Cowel i had to serve. So I took the dish and got ready to turn around to see Simon Cowel. But when i turned around, Simon was like standing there with his mouth open and looked at me. I was so tomato red in my face, so i just looked at the ground.

"Yo-o-u-u-r  vo-o-i-i-ce!" He said. OMG he heard me sing!! What should i do, what should i do! "Yeah, so??" I said like i didn't care. He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a paper with his managers number and said "If you have time someday, then come to Xfactor, i will make you a big star." And then walked away, without eating his food.

Oh...My...God  was all i could think about...

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