My advice for Teenagers

You send me you queries and I will answer them. This also might involve things about my life also .



Katy Erin here is my advice for you :)


I know how you feel about the 'popuar' people. You look an think what about them makes them more popular than me. In my case the 'popular's' smoke, drink and act like sluts! But why does that make them popular?

I used to be scared of them. But then I befriended one, her name Molly. She smokes and does act like a bit of a slut, but she has a really hard time at home and so I think she just does it for attention.


Now I am not scared anymore because I know that most of them are quite nice people and just act tough to be popular, Now when my friends are scared I just say to them ' Why are you scared?' because there is no point being scared.


Now You told be they say horrible things. You just got to ignore them, no matter how hurtful those words are, because if they see that they are upsetting you then they are going to continue doing it. If you stay strong they will go away. But if it continues and is almost everyday then it is Bullying and I suggest you tell your parents about it. I know this may be hard because your scared of the consequences but trust me the school your at will protect you.


I hope my advice was helpful. Comment if you liked it

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