Runic: Caoimhe's Tales and Poems

A collection of original poems and stories


8. The Inexplicable Emotions

But what of the emotion that no words can hope to achieve an accurate portrait? What of them? Are we helpless to speak of them? Is there no way to share the wonder of the quiet, passionate emotions? Each base emotion I see as an individual tree within a small grove. Their names are: Anger, Sadness, Joy, Love, and Hatred. The trunk of the tree is the raw emotion, a base that we are all born with, but the branches are those unspeakable emotions that grow upon them over the years. Some quiet emotions, like passion, are similar to ivy the connects to trees for it belongs to not one, but all of the trees. Many of the Quiet Emotions are only ever described by a physical feeling, as there is no word in our language that describes them. How can proper communication be reached if we cannot express our mature emotions beyond their raw, base parent? Love, for example, even in itself is not a pure psychological element, but rather composed of innumerable parts, like passion, loyalty, and often a (hopefully healthy) dose of lust. We in our finite minds cannot hope to express every emotion, every idea, or to be able to translate our thoughts into such a limited thing such as spoken word. The mind is a stronghold,  as we know it intimately, and no one could ever know it better than we. The downfall of that is, while we know it so well, we do not know the physical world well enough to bridge the gap between the two. In some senses, the mind is like an entirely different dimension, inhabited by – well really composed of - a single being. Only spirits can reach that realm, but only with the permission of the lord of that stronghold.

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