Runic: Caoimhe's Tales and Poems

A collection of original poems and stories


10. Strip the Willow

What is it about dancing, with all of its wonderful, frolicking prancing?

Take a stance, and your partners hands then twirl on down the row.

Rain or snow, we don’t know--still we dance until the morrow.

Ah! Throw your head back, then laugh and sing! We’re dancing on the midnight green!

Bonfire crackle, burn, and roar! Lanterns light up the dancing floor.

Couples grinning and cheery faced, spinning, spinning, giving weight.

Tell me what is dancing that makes life an open door?

Carefree and a little dizzy, clapping, dancing, and singing medleys! Dance like your partner’s smile! Never a better chance than now! And when you take your final bow,

 Remember to smile sweetly to the younger child,

So when you’re old and frail and hollow, they might dance you Strip the Willow.


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