Runic: Caoimhe's Tales and Poems

A collection of original poems and stories


7. Excerpt from "The Water Temple"

The Water Temple stood, beautiful and ancient. It's three walls of golden stone rose into the blue heavens. At the peak, a pillar of sparkling water shot out from somewhere inside the magnificent structure. It cascaded enchantingly down the straight walls into a shallow pool, only to come rushing back out through large spouts down to the next level. Looking like the residue of some deep and haunting spell, emerald moss and vines clung eerily to the temple and, the sun played off of the clear water temptingly, like a siren, toying with her poor and helpless prey before she goes in for the kill. Stairs, nearly uncountable in number provided the sole pathway to the dark and ominous entryway, close to the tip of the almost otherworldly monument.

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