Runic: Caoimhe's Tales and Poems

A collection of original poems and stories


1. Legend


Woodland Faeries of the night dancing with the moon

where stars can mingle with the shadows as they sing Oíche Chiúin 

Rich hues not disheartened by the darkness of afar

glow and pulse with the rhythm of the shining stars


The leaves high above fluttered in the breeze

creating fleeting patterns on the flowers and the reeds

The Gaelic Angels the Good People blow a kiss upon a steeple

Stars create the pattern and innocent dreams doth fill the temple

of true love and faith and kindness and goodwill


Dragons gliding ‘cross the flowing sky

they fill the untainted heart with wonderings of their disguise

It’s silver scales tell of ventures and of fights

once upon a deep and ancient, warm and blackened night

Runes protect the past that we try hard just to destroy

so one day when we’re old and frail we can see it’s joy

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