The Cursed One

Cara doesn't have Autism, but Cora does. Cara is pretty, Cora is told she's ugly. Cara is a straight A student. Cora gets bad grades because of her Autism. Cara can live her own life, Cora has an aid to 'help' her. Cara is popular, Cora is bullied and alone.
Corina Davies has Autism, and is left out of everything because of it. She is forbidden to tell of her and her twin's secret that was forgotten. When a new girl moves in, she can see Cora for who she really is. Has Cora finally found a friend? And, can get friend be trusted with Cora's secret, when she needs her to most? Cora and Evelyn discover that Cara is in grave danger. Can they be the team to save the Cursed One, even if one of the team has Autism?
Evelyn says that everybody has a fire, deep inside of ten. Can they save Cara before her fire dies out?


2. Evelyn

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE'RE MOVING?!" I screamed at my parents. They calmly looked at me.
"I mean, we are moving. Simple as that." my father replied. I was clearly going to have no say in this, so I stormed off to my room.
'I don't want to move! I love it here! In Topeka!' I emailed my friend Donner. Donner's my only friend, but he moved to Talahassee last summer.
'You could come live with me.' He emailed back.
'I can't travel. Besides, my parents would search your house first.' I replied.
'Even though I'm in another state!'
'Yeah! And if they found me, they move me to New Orleans anyways and chain me to the side I the house!'
'I take it they would not be happy if you tried to run away.'
I groaned and sat back on my bed. I have live here in Kansas all of my life. They decide to move, and I have no say. I hate my life
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