The Cursed One

Cara doesn't have Autism, but Cora does. Cara is pretty, Cora is told she's ugly. Cara is a straight A student. Cora gets bad grades because of her Autism. Cara can live her own life, Cora has an aid to 'help' her. Cara is popular, Cora is bullied and alone.
Corina Davies has Autism, and is left out of everything because of it. She is forbidden to tell of her and her twin's secret that was forgotten. When a new girl moves in, she can see Cora for who she really is. Has Cora finally found a friend? And, can get friend be trusted with Cora's secret, when she needs her to most? Cora and Evelyn discover that Cara is in grave danger. Can they be the team to save the Cursed One, even if one of the team has Autism?
Evelyn says that everybody has a fire, deep inside of ten. Can they save Cara before her fire dies out?


1. Cora

My name's Cora Davies, short for Corina Chastity Davies. Call me Cora. I have Autism. It's kind I like a disease that makes me different. That's what my Aunt Corrie used ti say. I was name after her. My twin sister, Carina Cynthia Davies, or Cara, was named after Aunt Corrie's twin sister, whom we call Aunt Carrie. My family treats me like an invalid. They say that I need to go to school because it might help my Autism. I know better. School is the law. My parents think that I have no reachable goals in life, ad will spend my adult years being tended by them, still living with them. I'm not stupid. I want to be an author. Cara says that she wants to be a supermodel. That my parents actually encourage. All the kids at school hate me for my Autism. Therefore, I have no friends. Even my cousins don't like to talk to me. I hate Cara. She's always seen first, an I'm jut the Autistic kid. I hate my life.
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