Life of Bi

The story of a bisexual. His life from when he figures his sexuality out, to finding his partner.


4. How I Found Out..

I guess you would like to know HOW exactly how I found out I was bisexual.

Well, all through my life.. I had found certain male celebrities quiet attractive, at first I was abit worried, then thought: Maybe all guys find really hot guys attractive. And to be honest, I still wonder if they do. I just forgot about it.


Then He came into my life. The goregeous, kind, understanding, funny dude, my brother introduced me to. I wasn't immediately attracted to him, but I knew I wanted to be his friend. I had knew Him a year, and He became my best friend. Then, I found myself attracted to him.

I don't even know the kind of feeling, or how to desribe it. Apart from it felt like bubbles of excitement in my stomach, and the usual butterflies.. Butterflies over a guy I see everyday? Surely it couldn't work. Obviously not. I tried to lock the feelings away, in the ''cage'' I called it. But they broke free, and I put them back.. And thats when I had to talk to someone.

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