Life of Bi

The story of a bisexual. His life from when he figures his sexuality out, to finding his partner.


5. Him

It was him, always him. I often felt down, and just seeing him gave me just another ounce to carry on. His smile rocked my world hard until I cracked into my own, his laugh was like fresh air to my lungs. He was perfect, well, the closest to it anyway.. He'd be perfect if he was mine, and thats why: Nobody's Perfect.

There came a time where he needed to know, about me being bisexual, and that came the day after Tanvi, which was harder seeing that I would have to do it face to face, and tell the guy who pretty much turned me. Even then, he was asking questions like how, and I had to reply: I started liking someone, who is a guy.. Then that quite obviously, made other questions arise.. Who? Shit. When? Damn, I don't even know! How? I.. I don't know


Months passed, months and months.. I had days of: YES! I will tell him.. then I chickened out. I felt worse and worse, because quite frankly, I was a coward.

But over them months, I told alot of other people about me and there came two people who changed my life, not as much as Him, the unnamed, which wouldn't remain nameless much longer, but still, they changed it all.

They said, after I told them and who I liked.. loved.. admired.. That I should tell him and that I should write exactly what I think of him, and give it to him, that way, it isn't face to face.. And I did. His reply: Oh, alright, then a few minutes later: I am unbelievably sexy! And my mind just took over and said yes, right to his face, loud and clear.

Although he acted cool with it, at first, you could tell he found it very awkward but as time passed, up until present day, he is completely fine with it! If I'm down or anything, he knows that by doing something cute, will cheer me up.. But then he also figured out he can make me spill the beans with a smile, or a wink, or just something really hot.. Right, I need to shut up.. But when he licks his teeth! HOLLA!




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