Life of Bi

The story of a bisexual. His life from when he figures his sexuality out, to finding his partner.


1. Figuring It All Out

It was getting me down. I started to feel depressed. I was awfully confused and everything I did was making me think: What If?

I'd been having feeliings for a certain guy. He was goregeous, kind and the closest to perfect you can get to. Yet it was making me feel weird, never had I thought about being gay or bi, would the feelings go? Should I just bottle them up? Or should I come out about it and say: I am Bisexual.

I needed to talk to someone, someone I could trust and wouldn't judge me, and someone who could help: I turned to the internet.

I'd been on a blog years. I had made friends across the sea and they could trust me, so I could trust them. Some told me they might pass, some told me to follow my heart, but all of them said they'd stick by my side.


I decided. I'm bisexual and I'm proud. I can't shy away from who I really am when I know that somewhere in me, I'm different, I'm special. Everyone should be allowed to be who they are and not run away from themselves.

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