Life of Bi

The story of a bisexual. His life from when he figures his sexuality out, to finding his partner.


3. Coming Out To Close Friends(Part 1.)

One of my friends I refer to as the secret keeper. She holds so many peoples secrets. But mine wasn't just something I didn't want everyone to know about, it was if she would understand.. Surely she would?


So far, everyone had understood, they didn't have a problem with it. Some people laughed, but the rest sorted that out. So I hadn't experience the pain of being called or bullied about it. In the past dickh-idiots had asked: Are you gay?, Laughing. But never had anyone said anything that got deep, because they didn't know anything about me, and neither did I. So secret-keeper( I'll change her name to Tanvi) would be make or break.. I got her via WhatsApp..

Me: Heya, whatsup? :D

Tanvi: Hi. I'm good. U?

Me: I was wondering if I could tell you as secret. You have to promise not to tell ANYONE, and you have to understand, okay?

Tanvi: Yup, okay.

Me: Swear Down!

Tanvi: I swear on my grand-dads ashes.

Me: Okay.. Well, I think I'm bisexual.

Tanvi: Really? So many people have told me.

Me: Yeah, and really? o.O

Tanvi: Yeaaaaaaaaah, how did you find out???

And that gives me another story to tell..

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