Life of Bi

The story of a bisexual. His life from when he figures his sexuality out, to finding his partner.


2. Being Frightened

Yes, I had decided I was definitely Bi, I was happier. But there was a part of me that felt guilty. My closest friends didn't know who I really was, I was hiding from those I love. MY FAMILY! They didn't know anything about me. No one did, and up until recently, neither did I!

The reason I didn't tell anyone.. I was scared they'd judge me, scared they'd disown me, they'd call me names.. I was so scared.

I carried on chatting to the people on the blog, and we decided I should tell people on the blog.. Everyone there took it so well, and I had another shot of happiness. But they still weren't the ones I loved most. I was still petrified of peoples reactions.

Who Can I Tell?..

My thoughts ticked 24/7.. One of my best friends' mum is lesbian, surely she'd understand??

Her name flicked onto the screen (I'll change the name just incase.), Katie Hunt.. My stomach turns into a washing machine and my head converted from calm to a clash of emotions:

Me: Hey!

Katie: Hiya

Me: Whatsup?

Katie: Nm, u?

Me: Well, can I trust you?

Katie: Yer, course.. Y?

Me: You have to promise to tell no one?

Katie: Yeye

Me: Okay.... I think I'm bisexual.

A pause. Oh God, shes gone telling people, shes repulsed, shes gonna call me, I thought.

Katie: Really????????

Thank God!, I thought.

Me: Yeah, it isn't weird or anything is it?

Katie; Its just a shock..


Thats one down, and I didn't throw up or anything, its all good.. But thats one person, I'm lying to all the rest. Tears burn against my eyes. Aargh! I'm a liar, I'm not loyal to my BEST FRIENDS, they'll hate me.. This is just one vicious circle of guilt..

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