My teacher can EXPLODE!

Cal is the new kid at school and he doesn't know what to expect...


1. The New Boy

The day had come. The horrible dreaded day had come. I am becoming a pupil at Eaglestone Primary School. "Caaalll!!!" "Get up it's time for school"  mum bellowed. I woke with a groan and pretended I was still asleep. "Get down here now or no breakfast!" she was raging now. I thought that smoke must have been coming out her ears. I came downstairs because there is no point staying in bed trying to relax when there is someone screaming at you. I came through to the living room and had his breakfast. I knew I was late but I didn't bother hurrying. I was more interested in reading the comic I had at the table. "Eat don't read!" she barked. "I'm not reading." I lied. After she had said that I slipped the comic into my pyjama pocket and said "See?" "No comic!" "Keep it for after school." she muttered. "Why should I keep it for then when I can let it out now?" "SAVE IT!" she roared. I walked to school slowly. I hung up my coat slowly. I walked into class very slowly. In short I didn't want to go in at all. I walked in and braced myself.

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