This is a book of poetry I will write if you have wrote a poem and you want it to be in the poetry book of sadness you can comment and I will coment back and you can send your poem to me through private comments and I will put it in the book if you would like and I will say it is by you.I hope you like the first poem in the book writen by me


1. Lest we forget

I am a terrified girl in hiding

I wonder what will become of me

I hear bombs and curl up

Tightly in a corner

I see soldiers marching by

I want to be one of the lucky ones

I am a terrified girl in hiding


I pretend my world is in tact

I feel coldness of the world around me

I touch the rough hands of a soldier

I worry about my family's whereabouts

I cry because there is

Nothing to laugh about

I am a terrified girl in hiding


I undersstand why people are dying

But it's not fair

I say to myself over and over "Don't cry"

I draem of a world living in peace

I try to deafen the sound of gunshots

And screaming in my head

I hope I love to see my family again

I am a terrified girl in hiding


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