When your bullied it seems like it is the worst thing that could happen when your parents are the bullies now that is just something else


1. My life

I ran up to my room I yanked open my door and slammed it shut sliding the bolt across, flinging myself onto my bed I started to pick the pieces of glass out of my hair, bandaging up my leg and putting plasters on my arms I crossed my fingers that they would of healed by tomorrow I heard some crashing from downstairs I stuck my fingers in my ears and try to fall to sleep cause unlike most people I like mornings and school, loads of kids think it is because I'm a geek and a nerd no one knows the real reason.

In the beginning my mum was great like most normal mums she would pick me up from school, bake with me, make special tea's for me and my friends that was until dad died when my hero the man that said he would always protect me no matter what was torn from me without even saying goodbye. That was when my mum turned to drink, alcohol and drugs became second nature to her and then as if my life could get any more jumbled she went and got herself married to JEFF which would of been alright if he didn't hate children he would congratulate her every time she hit first it was just hands but then it turned into house tools like plates, knifes and glass vases once Jeff threw a bottle at me and when i ducked he dragged me over to where the glass shards were and started slicing my arm against while my mum looked on and laughed I always hoped the old version of her will come back but now I'm not even sure the old version still exists.
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