When your bullied it seems like it is the worst thing that could happen when your parents are the bullies now that is just something else


2. In present day

BBBRRRRIIIINNNGGGGG I swiped my arm across the table knocking my alarm clock to the floor ugh I slowly sat up in bed trying to forget my dream and trudged lazily downstairs " bright and shine " giggled my roommate Cassie "Just because your a morning person doesn't mean you have to try and make me one" I replied dropping my head on the table " brighten up it's saturday" she exclaimed " WAIT WHAT" i shouted " it's saturday she repeated" while trying to balance a book on her head "Then why did you wake me up and what are you doing" i said "it's meant to help with your balance" she said as the book fell to the floor "and i woke you up because you have a little thing called a university lecture in about fifteen minutes""  WAIT WHAT" i shouted again while trying to grab everything and stuff it in my bag while making cereal " i ran up the stairs with Cassie shouting after me"you now have 10 minutes" i shoved on some clothes grabbed my bag and was out the door.

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