Midnight Dream

Would love make Damon make the right decision or has he lost his love?


6. Undead or not?


“I am so sorry Kathy, but you gave me no choice. I loved you, but now you can rule the Undeads, but yet you don’t know that I don`t love you now. You are still living in the world where we were together. We just needed a queen and you were the selected one. This is for your benefit Kathy, for yours and ours. I loved you, but I cannot remember what we did or how we got together, that may be the reason that I opted for you to become a queen. With you I want to find out what I was and how  we were together, I want to become the Damon you used to know before, you may be able to bring back the old me, the one that you fell in love with. You have many talents, you are wise, attractive and intelligent that is why it was you. Now you can join me, the branch that you are holding on would snap in three…two and then you can join me, one.”

The clock struck twelve. 

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