Midnight Dream

Would love make Damon make the right decision or has he lost his love?


2. The real?


The air was windy with a hint of Californian sun. It was the perfect morning. I walk to a cliff, where I see Damon with a picnic basket, cushions and a cloth. How romantic I thought. We sit down on the blanket, Damon’s arm around my waist. We sat in a long silence. I didn’t even think about how he came back as long as I had him.

“Remember when we first met?” Damon says out of the blue

“Yea, how can I forget? The number of times we got in trouble is unforgettable.” I said with memories flooding my brain.

“I remember Mrs Hunt, her face when we were the latest `gossip` in school and no one paid attention in class.” I laugh at the memory, thinking if I should tell him that I don’t have parents and they are not in Africa doing a research project. Should I tell him that my sister is in foster care and when I turn 18 this September I can look after her. Should I tell him that I did not get homes schooled and because my parents died I got the inheritance money and that is how I paid for the fees for boarding school, but if I told him would he break up with me. Would he think I am an seeking for attention? So many options I could either tell him or not. I embraced myself to tell him, when he spoke.

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