Midnight Dream

Would love make Damon make the right decision or has he lost his love?


3. Manipulation?


“Kathy, I haven’t been completely honest with you. Kathy don’t get scared or run off, just hear me out.” I stood there nodding my head not trusting my mouth to speak,

“Kathy, I am dead, but I am not dead in a way.” I raised my eyebrows thinking hard of what it meant, “Kathy I am an Undead. The Undead are people who survive or let’s say cheats death. If you die within 6 hours of my death, you would be an Undead and we could live for ever, for eternity together.”

“Damon//” I was trying to process the new information in; he wanted me to become an Undead.

“See Kathy I died at 6pm//”

“But it has already been 6 hours since you died. For heaven’s sakes Damon it is 10am it has been 17 hours since you died. Damon you can`t cheat death.” I exclaimed feeling nauseous.

“See that is where you are wrong Kathy. It is not the morning yet Kath; it has only been a couple of hours since I came to you. See if you are an Undead you can manipulate a person`s dream, but the thing is the dream is actually happening. We are special, the Undeads. What you are seeing is 10am but it is only 11.40pm. You have 20 minutes Kathy. Join me and we could live for eternity. Kath say something dear, say you would join me.” I stand there confused, scared, petrified. 

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