Midnight Dream

Would love make Damon make the right decision or has he lost his love?


5. Is this real, no it can`t be


He took a step closer, I took a step back. I looked at him, searching for the real Damon. My Damon.

“Kathy, I am so sorry, but I have made my decision. You are going to join me. Be the queen of the Undead. Be the only female Undead there ever has been. You will be ours to keep.”

The only female Undead? What did that mean? The word our kept repeating over in my head. I have lost the Damon I knew 6 hours ago. He would never come back, no matter how many times I tried. He has gone. Memories flooded me; when he first asked me out, our first date by the river, when we go in trouble by Ms Hunt for missing lessons, playing pranks. The one that hit me the most was prom. My red, strapless dress embellished with ruby red stones, which took Damon’s breathe away, as he put it. My cheeks were wet, I touched my eye and realised I was crying. I looked at Damon with stinging eyes and saw a glimpse of the Damon I knew 2 years ago. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and without warning I was right at the edge of the cliff. Just hanging with Damon`s strength.

“I am sorry Kathy, but we need you.”

“Damon, no my sister!” Before the words I escaped, he has already pushed me. Whether he heard or not, it was not going to make a difference.

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