Midnight Dream

Would love make Damon make the right decision or has he lost his love?


1. Is it a dream?


There is a puddle of water in front of me. My hand moves to my eyes, I dry my tears. I can only see him, think of him, talk to him. He is everything I do. A part of me. There is no light, its dark, just how he liked it. I could hear my stomach pleading for food. It`s been hours, but yet seems like a lifetime. The clock ticking, counting each second I am not with him. His passion, his love, makes me want him even more. I don’t have a shoulder to lean on. I hear someone knocking, I ignore it. After a few anticipating minutes, there is a thud at the window. Slowly I rise and go to the window. I peak out of my curtain and gradually open the window. Someone jumps in through the window. The light is turned on and I turn around with only one word escaping my mouth. Damon.


“Damon” I whispered thinking if I spoke loudly he would vanish into thin air.

“Kathy, it`s me. I am alive. I am here for you and//”

“Damon, what happened. The paramedics said you were gone. How are you alive, I saw you dead Damon, I was there. You did not respond to your name.” I said trying to hold back tears.

“I am here now, that is what//”

“Damon, how are you alive? Oh my god Damon you’re alive.” I screamed not caring if anyone heard me.

“Yes, I am and I am here to//” He speaks, but I don’t give him a chance to speak.

“I just want you to hold me and go to sleep, Damon I never want to be a part again.” I couldn't hold my tears in. Damon slowly comes up to me and hugs me. He holds me whilst I go to sleep. In a few minutes I am asleep in Damon’s arms.

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