My name is Riley. I come across as a sweet, happy, normal girl. People say my smile is contagious. But little do they know, behind that smile is a broken, shattered soul that was torn apart by tragic and heart-breaking experiences. I've never believed that love lasts. Until now.


2. The Big Move

I had been saving up money that had gone to me from my mother, father, aunt, uncle, and grandmother's wills, so I had enough to fly to London and get an apartment for myself.

My flight had just landed and as I stepped into the airport, I heard screams. Not scary screams though, like the ones I had been used to. These screams were the screams of teenage girls, who were coming into my view as I stepped into the center of the airport.

Hundreds of girls were swarming a group of boys, but who were they? I started to walk into the crowd, because I needed to make my way to the exit and get a rent-a-car. I pushed through the people, who were shoving me. I got further into the crowd, and I could see the boys a few feet in front of me. And then I realized who they were. One Direction.

One girl pushed me really hard, and I fell to the ground and hit my head. Before I blacked out, I saw a brunette, curly haired boy running to my side.
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