Just a boy from Mullingar.

Hi, my name is Holly Marie Brown and i'm from Mullingar, i'm 18 years old. Holly got accepted to performing arts acedemy in London for school. Little did she know she was Niall Horan's bestfriend, but she got in a car accident after he left and forgot about him, but when he see's him again brings back her memory? Promises were made back than, did she love him back than? She will never know unless Niall boost her memory. Promises will be made and is gonna be broken, dreams come true and a lot more. Find out in this movella


4. Confused?

Holly's pov

This is so confusing, Niall asked me if i remembered him and for my mom's phone number. I don't get it anymore, i have been in an accident and had amnesia, but i didn't know if i still have it. Did i forget Niall? There's millions of questions running trough my head like who is Niall, is he my ex or something and everything but there was one question that's killing me 'what ahppend?'

Than the doorbell rang and there was a delivery man outside with a box, i think mom mailed something cause on the box said for Holly Brown. "delivery for Holly Brown?" the man asked and i signed the paper and carried the box inside. I haven't really unpacked yet so there was still boxes everywhere. I opened the box and there were pictures, paintings, art supplied and everything even a small jewelry box. I looked through the pictures, it was pictures of me and some blonde kid. The paintings are all very messy and the art supplies to. I opened the jewelry box slowly and saw a really pretty bracelet.

I brushed my fingertips through the bracelet, it was real silver. On the back of the bracelet i read 'Holly and Niall BFF' Now i'm even more confused. I still have amnesia or not?


Guys i'm updating again yayyyyyyy!!!! Go read my other book i'm i love with my brother's bestfriend!!!!!! Love you my readers !!

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