Just a boy from Mullingar.

Hi, my name is Holly Marie Brown and i'm from Mullingar, i'm 18 years old. Holly got accepted to performing arts acedemy in London for school. Little did she know she was Niall Horan's bestfriend, but she got in a car accident after he left and forgot about him, but when he see's him again brings back her memory? Promises were made back than, did she love him back than? She will never know unless Niall boost her memory. Promises will be made and is gonna be broken, dreams come true and a lot more. Find out in this movella


2. An accident?

Niall's pov

I can't believe over 2 years i've found her Holly my childhood bestfriend. "holly" i said and she looked at me strangly. "um hi do i know you?" she replied confused. Now i'm confused don't she remember me? "don't you remember me?" i asked her and she shaked her head confused.

"um well i'm Niall" i said as Harry came "oh hi Holly" he said to her and let her in. I was so confused. The rest of the boys introduced themselfs. "holly can i speak with you in private?" i asked her and she nodded. "so you don't remember me?" i asked her as she shaked her head. "how about i tell you about me than youll maybe remember me okay?" i asked her hoping she would say yes. I really want my love to remember me. Oh yeah i said im in love with her.

"i'm Niall James Horan i'm from Mullingar, Ireland" i said as she cut me of "oh i'm from there to" as i kept talking " i love food, i was born on the 19th of september 1993" i told her. "i'm sorry" she replied after i finished.

Holly's pov

This guy Niall thinks he knows me whiches weird, but there something about this guy, i just can't explain it, it feels like sparks. "how about you give me your mum's phone number" he asked me. I usually wouldn't but i get this feeling that i could trust him so i gave him and he took it. The day was super fun. They are super funny also, but all things come to an end so i went back to my apartment.

Niall's pov

After Holly left i told the boys everything from the beginning to that she doesn't remember me and they think it's some magical fairytale stroy wtf? I called her mom.

*phone call*

Niall : hi is this Holly's mum?

Angelina (Holly's mum) : yes who might this be?

Niall : um Niall..... Horan

A : omg Niall? I missed you pumpkin, how did you get my number? Holly is not here.

N : i know i saw Holly today mrs Brown and i wanted to ask what happend to her? She doesn't remember me mrs Brown

A : Niall it's a terrible thing and i may not speak of it.

N : no please tell me i need her to remember me.

A : alright, Holly got in a car accident 2 months after you left and she didn't remember anything untill we got her to remember most things, but you werent a part of it since you left and we couldn't help her more i'm sorry Niall.

I was so shocked about it, my Holly car accident.

N : mrs Brown by any chance you have pictures of us can you send it to this address?

A : sure honey, call again soon if anything changes.

*end phone call*

I can't believe she got in a car accident and with that i fell asleep


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