Just a boy from Mullingar.

Hi, my name is Holly Marie Brown and i'm from Mullingar, i'm 18 years old. Holly got accepted to performing arts acedemy in London for school. Little did she know she was Niall Horan's bestfriend, but she got in a car accident after he left and forgot about him, but when he see's him again brings back her memory? Promises were made back than, did she love him back than? She will never know unless Niall boost her memory. Promises will be made and is gonna be broken, dreams come true and a lot more. Find out in this movella


1. Leaving Mullingar

Holly's pov

Hi my name's Holly, i live in Mullingar. I just got accepted to performing arts academy in London. My love for music and drama is amazing. So yeah basiccly i'm an actress and singer.

I'm at the airport in Dublin. "my little girl is growing up" my mom said as she started to tear up. "mom i'll visit during semester break i promise" i told her as i walked up to my little brother, he's 16 and we love eahc ohter so much we have like a special bond. "bye bye little bro" i told him as i hugged him. "bye old sis" he said laughing but i knew he was dying inside. "well bye guys i love you two so much and Nick don't change" i told him laughing and than i boarded the plane. I put my earphones in my ear and listened to Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd and a lot more.

It wasn't that long a flight and when i came to my apartment it was so beautiful and it wasn't that big. It was night now and i was craving for some tea and i don't know any store around here so i decided to go and see if my neighbor has some tea bags or something and meet em.

I knocked on the door next to mine and a guy with curly hair answered it. "hi i just moved in here next door" i told him smiling that guy is cute. "cool, i'm Harry what's your name love?" he asked me. "i'm single, uh i mean i'm Holly" i said giggling of what i just said.

"hi Holly" he said "hi do you have any teabags cause i just moved in and i have no time to go shopping right now haha" i said laughingly. "yeah sure come in" he said to me. In that time i learned that he was in a band called One Direction with bandmates called : Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn and tomorrow there coming over so he wants me to meet them. I lied down on my bed thinking how my new school will be and i start next week on Monday. After thinking i fell asleep

*le next day*

I woke up fixed my make-up changed my clothes into a shirt and a jack wills hoodie with some sweats, hi don't jugde me just because im meeting a band doesn't mean i dress all fancy.

I went to Harry's and knocked on his door and a blonde boy opened it and stared at me for like a lot and than finally manage to say "holly". How did he know my name? All these thoughts and everything........


Hi guys my new movella not gonna delete this movella!! Hihi

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