How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


8. The Date

Liam's POV:

"I..." she stuttered. 

I waited for the answer, but it never came out from her beautiful mouth, she was beautiful. NO, SNAP OUT OF IT, LIAM! what if she says no? I can't let myself fall in love again is she isn't planning on catching me. I'm gonna end up like two years ago; depressed and heart broken by Leanne, the girl who rejected me 22 times, without even getting to know me. "OK, I get it." I said, my heart sinking, "no, Liam. I really want to go out with you, it's just... that..." she stopped, "what?" I asked, anxious, "give me some time ok?" she said, I slightly nodded, "I'll give you the answer tomorrow." "ye... OK. yeah, sure" I slowly said.

Danielle's POV:

"ye... OK. yeah, sure" he slowly said. 

what the heck am I going to tell El? wait, maybe I can set her up with one of the members in the band? yeah, that's a pretty good idea. I think her and Harry would make a cute couple. Or maybe Niall, or Louis, or maybe even Zayn. Ugh! whatever I'll think about it later. I got home to find Eleanor on the couch holding a cup of coffee and watching TV. "Hey, El, what's up?" I said while closing the door, "oh, hey Danni" she said looking at me, "nothing much. what about you?" "I'm fine" I said, "hey, listen, I...I need to talk to you about something" I slowly said, hesitating if I should tell her or not. "yeah, OK. go ahead" she turned the TV off and turned to look at me, "so, umm... you, you know what" I decided not to tell her, "forget it. it doesn't matter" I quickly said and got up from the couch, she pulled me back, "no, Danni. what's wrong?" she looked at me firmly, "OK, so there's this guy I like, and he asked me out and I don't know if I should say yes" I said, her eyes lit up, "really? who is it? do I know him?" I could se anxious in her eyes, "yeah... but please don't be mad at me" I said, shakily, "why would I be mad at you?" she asked, confused, "b-because it's L-Liam"

Eleanor's POV:

"b-because it's L-Liam" she mumbled. "what?" I slowly said, in a low voice, "I'm really sorry" she said, "you know what's the weird thing?" I asked, "w-what?" I saw tears starting to form her eyes, "that I'm not mad or jealous. I think I'm really over him this time" I really did mean what I said, "really?"her eyes glowed with hope, "yeah" I said more cheerful now, "call him and tell him the good news, then" I handed her her phone, "I don't have his number" she said with a small laugh, "haha, OK. tell him tomorrow" I said, smiling at her, "OK" she said hugging me.



Liam's POV:

I was at the studio talking to the boys, when someone jumped on my back, when they got off my back I turned around to find Danielle standing there smiling at me, I tried to say something but my mouth betrayed me, "so, remember yesterday?" she asked, of course I remember, I barely slept at night thinking of her answer, but one again I couldn't say a thing, so I just nodded, "well the answer is yes" she said smiling. I was shocked, I was so happy I held her from her waist and spun her around, when I let go of her, she laughed and said 'wow. you're happy. well, just so you know, I'm happy too" she said, my smile grew bigger, if it's even possible. I couldn't believe it. I'm gonna make it the perfect date, and I know exactly what to do.

Danielle's POV:

he held me from my waist and spun me around, when he let go I felt a bit dizzy, and I was laughing, " wow. you're happy. well, just so you know, I'm happy too" his smile grew bigger at my words. I can't wait for that date, "so, when's the date? and where?" I asked him, "I'm not telling you where, cuz I haven't figured out where yet" he said laughing, I laughed, "haha, ok. so tell me when you know" I said, "OK. just be ready tomorrow at 7:30pm" he said and turned to walk away, but then he turned, "oh and, wear something fancy" he said, I laughed, "OK".

The rest of the day went good, I was dancing perfectly, I felt awesome. and when I got home I told El, and she was so happy for me, we went to Starbucks to drink some coffee and just talked and laughed the whole night.


I was getting ready for my date. I wore a tight pink dress, that came above my knees, but not much under my bum, with cream heels and an elegant necklace. I curled the tips of my hair, and for make up I put black mascara and thick, black eyeliner, pink blush and bright pink lipstick. I took my PRADA cream bag and went downstairs. I waited for about 5 minutes and then I heard a knock on the door. I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it and I saw Liam standing there, he was wearing a simple white v-neck shirt, a black baggy jeans, and white converse. I smiled when I saw him, "hey, Liam" "hey, Danni" he said smiling. I went to the kitchen and saw El sitting there, reading a book "hey, El. Liam's here, we're gonna go now" i said, "how do I look?" I asked her, she smiled "perfect" my smile grew bigger, "thanks" me and El started walking to the living room to find Liam sitting there, "ready?" I said, he look up at me, "yeah" he said then he spotted El, "hey, El" he said shyly, you could feel the elephant in the room. "Hi, Liam" she smiled, "take care of her, don't try anything, if you know what I mean" she said with a wink. "I won't" he smiled nervously. "OK." She smiled, "I'll leave the door unlocked" she winked again, what does this girl have with winking? 

Liam's POV: Omg! Where did El come from? I haven't talked to her for two years, and suddenly she pops out of nowhere, talking to me like we never stopped being friends! GOD!  "How long have you been friends with Eleanor?" I asked her, "two years, i think" she replied, "really?" I said, shocked. "Yeah... Since you two stopped being friends. i was working at a coffee shop at the time. And she walked in i saw she was crying. I didn't know her, but I sensed that she needed a shoulder to cry on, so I went and sat next to her, we started talking and she told me that you two stopped being friends. I thought that you were an asshole for what you did. She was completely devastated..." She stopped, wow! I didn't know that she was sad about it. I thought it'd be best for both of us "oh..." Was all i said. "Yeah... I think you should go apologize to her. Even though it's been two years, i think she still feels sad about it, even if she denies it!" Danni said, awe she was so caring... "Yeah, but now, let's enjoy our date at a restaurant i like to call 'Casa De Liam' haha..." I said, she laughed. her laugh was Beautiful!   We entered my house, i showed her around and then we went in the dining room, I held her chair for her, "m'lady" i said, she giggled and sat down, blushing.  Danielle's POV:  He held the chair for me and said "m'lady", i giggled and sat down, my face was red as a tomato. He went into the kitchen, I wonder what he's doing there.  Then out of nowhere two waiters came in the room and put a plate in front of me, and a plate in front of Liam's empty chair, where the hell is he? Just as i was wondering where is he, he came out of the kitchen, with his hands behind his back, then he came behind me, i didn't look at him, I was blushing as hell! Then I saw two hands reach from behind me, holding a beautiful red rose! "Oh-my-god, Liam" i said holding the rose, "thankyou so much!" I was completely shocked, no one has ever done all the things Liam did to me tonight! It was really touching, i started crying, "w-what's wrong?" Liam said, worried, "don't you like the roses? I can go change the..." I cut him off, "no,no, Liam. I love the roses. They're perfect, it's just that... That, umm..." I stopped, he stared at me, as if to say 'continue' "i... Umm. No one's ever done this to me before, and it's really touching" i said and buried my face in his chest, "you see, the last guy I dated ended up cheating on me with my beat friend, and I'm just afraid it'll happen again" i said, wiping the tears of my pink cheeks, "Danni, wh..., i... I'm really sorry!" He said, "but just one question," he said, i nodded, "do you really think that i'll cheat on you?" He asked me, he looked hurt, "i don't know Liam. I don't know you much to decide if you're trust worthy or not!" I said, i really felt like i hurt him, "ok then, give me a chance!" He said now standing up, "i will prove to you that i AM trust worthy!" He nearly screamed. "O... OK!" I said, he relaxed a bit and smiled. But then, out of nowhere, he crashed his lips against mine.            













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