How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


3. The Auditions


Liam's POV:

we walked for a while, I bought her ice-cream, we talked for a little bit, but I had a feeling that there was something wrong.

she sighed, "what's wrong, babe?" I asked her, "nothing." she said, but after a moment she said "well, truth is I'm scared." I gave her a confused look, "I'm scared that you'll leave without saying goodbye. scared that you'll forget me. because I know that someday you'll be famous!" she was just standing there, crying. I felt tears in my eyes, "El! I will never forget my best friend!!" I gave her a hug, and she cried even harder, "OK, that's enough crying for one day," I said still hugging her, "let's go to my place, watch a movie." she let out a small laugh, "Ok." 

we got to my place, my parents were still at work, so we had the place to our own.

"so... what movie do you wanna watch?" I asked, "how about A Cinderella Story?" she asked, "yeah, sure." i got my computer and searched for the movie, I found it on I started it and we watched it, we were cuddling.

when the movie ended, she sighed, "why can't life be like in movies, there's always a happy ending!" I hugged her, "well, maybe because life isn't a fairy-tail." " sometimes I wish it was!" she said.





Liam's POV:

"Liam, hurry-up!!" Eleanor screamed. "I'm coming!" i screamed back. oh-my-god!! I was so nervous.

we got there, there was a big line, i waited for about half an hour, then I took the sticker that had my number on it, my number was '59461'... we waited til they called me, I was so nervous to meet Simon. I hope he'll like me.

I got into the room, Louis asked me what's my name, and I told him, then he asked for my age, I was 14. then he asked me what I'm going to sing, I was going to sing fly me to the moon - flank sinatra.

so I started singing, when I finished, they all commented on my performance, Simon said I had potential, but he said that my performance was lack emotions. OUCH! OK, then Louis said that I was really good, Sheryl also said that I was good, and that she really liked me. then they voted... I GOT 3 YESES!!!! omg! 

I got home, Eleanor was waiting for me, when we got in through the door, she jump off the couch and ran towards us, "well?" she said anxiously, "I GOT 3 YESES!" she was smiling in shock, "OH-MY-GOD LIAM!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!" she jumped up and down in excitement.

Eleanor's POV:

They got back, I was s excited to hear that he got 3 yeses, it was awesome! I was really happy for him, this was his dream, and he DID have an amazing voice. boot-camp is in two weeks, and he needs to get ready, he has to give his best. 

"what are you doing?!" he was lying on the couch, watching TV. "watching TV."  "I know what you're doing." i snapped, "then why did you a--..." "You have to rehears for the boo-tcamp, if you want to get through!!" I interrupted him, "Ok, Ok,! I'm up!!" he said angrily.

he spent the next two weeks rehearsing. he got through boot-camp. and now there's only the judges house left so he could go to the live shows.he was going to sing 'A Million Love-songs', I hope they'll like him!!

he called us at 2 pm. he told us that he didn't get through.

Oh-my-god! my Li!! he got home and told us that Simon thought that he wasn't ready enough, and that he should come back and audition in two year.

Liam's POV:

I was absolutely devastated.

I can't believe they rejected me... Simon told me that I wasn't ready yet, and that I should come back in two years to audition again. OK. I'll wait two years.

Eleanor is comforting me and bringing me ice-cream, chocolates and what-not, she's been really supportive, and she knew that I was really upset, because being a singer was my dream for a really long time.

I'm going to audition in two years, but until then, all I'll be doing is practice.


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