How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


5. The Audition Day..... Again

Liam's POV:

Today's the day! my audition. ugh! I hope everything goes well!

I remember my audition two years ago, how El was screaming for me to get downstairs, or I'll be late, or her face expression when she heard I got 3 yeses. I really miss her! I was really stupid, I was so busy practicing I didn't pay attention to her, and we grew apart.

LIAM, FOCUS! It's your audition, don't think about irrelevant things! OKOK... 

so I'm going to sing 'cry me a river', man I hope they'll like me! I'm so freaking nervous...

I walked on stage, and I saw Simon, we said our hellos, and I started singing 'Cry Me A River', after I was done they were all surprised, and to be honest.... so was I, I've never sang like this before. THAT WAS AWESOME!

Well, I got 4 yeses. that's great.



I can't believe they rejected me... again. I was in the waiting room, that's where they told us to be, and I was completely devastated. Then I heard someone say my name, and some other names, they told us to go meet the judges.

we got there, and there were 4 girls, and I was standing with some other 4 guys, Nicole said "I know, judging some of your faces, that this is really hard" and I was thinking 'OBVIOUSLY!' then Simon said "we've decided to put you through" when he said those words, I felt like I was on top of the world, I was really shocked. oh-my-god, I've made it through.


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