How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


7. Meeting him

Danielle's P.O.V 
Today was the first live performance . I was dancing with this boyband called " One Direction" . Liam was in it , But I didn't tell El , she would freak out ! 

I was practicing my dance moves , I liked them , they were so.. Me! 
While I was dancing the boys passed by us , And my eyes caught sight of Liam . He was already looking at me ! 
I felt my cheeks burning , Liam chuckled as he saw my face was red . Go , I have a weird habbit of embarressing myself! 
All the boys passed by me , and I swear I saw Liam wink at me .. Uh . Ok? 

Liam's P.O.V 
We were having our first live performance as a band . We walked by all the dancers , when my eyes stopped at the sight of an extremely beautiful dancer . She had toned skin and curly hair , plus - she had the most beautiful smile ever . 
She was looking at me , and when she noticed I caught her staring she turned red as a tomato , I chuckled and winked at her . 

I started to sing - adrenaline was pumping through my veins , I was too excited ! 

I thought I saw a girl brought to life
She was warm she came around
She was dignified
She showed me what it was to cry
You couldn't be that girl I adored
You don't seem to know or seem to care
What your heart is for
But I don't know her anymore

Evey word I sang I felt happier , my dream was transforming into reality , every couple of words I would glance over at the same dancer , she looked concentrated in her dancing , and you could tell by the way she danced , she was a professional . 
I was gonna talk to her , I had to . 
I said another line , and focused back on the song. As Harry began to sing his part , I glanced at the audience , boy were they excited . I looked at the boys , each one had a grin on his face as we finished the song , hearing girls scream as loud as they possibly can . Oh god , this is gonna be good . 

Danielle P.O.V 
The boys performed "Torn" .
I have to say , their voices are unbelievable ! especially Liam's . I found myself staring at him whenever I had the chance , while trying not to fall over and embarress myself even more . 

As they finished the song, I was backstage with the rest of the dance crew just talking about the show . 
They boys made their way in front of me as Liam gave me another look . I smiled shyly , he grinned at my reaction and walked away . 
Moment later , " Hey everyone , Liam thinks the curly haired dancer is cute " I heard from across the hall leading to the dressing room . 
I felt my face become extremely red , uncomfortable , I walked away before anyone noticed he was talking about me . I think? 
I walked around the place for a bit , till things cool down backstage . 
As I was about to go back inside , the door opened and Liam stepped out . 
This isn't good . 
He looked at me , he started to say something but then stopped . 
Awkward silence filled the atmosphere around us as I walked forward " excuse me " I said in a low voice attempting to walk inside . 

" Um,can we talk?" He said from behind me . I stopped right where I was and hesitated before turning around to meet his gaze . 
He smiled at me and offered me his hand to shake . That was kinda weird , but I went along with it . 
God damn it El , she should be with me right now . 
" Hi , I'm Liam " He said in a steady voice. .
" Nice to meet you , Danielle " I said shyly and looked down for a second before glancing up again to meet his eyes. .
He smiled a gorgeous smile at me and said " I wanted to apologize .. about what happened in there, Louis is a jerk " .
" It's fine . I don't think anybody noticed " I lied . Of course they did. I'm the only curly-haired dancer in the crew . 
I sent him a weak smile . El was so right about him , he had something that made you like him , maybe it was his smile , or the way his eyes get smaller when he smiles , or maybe it was just the way he acts and talks . 
Huf . snap out of it Dani . He's off limits. 

" he didn't say anything that wasn't true though " He said as I looked down . I knew he was trying to meet my eyes and read my expression . 
I stayed silent, what was I supposed to say ? ughh . Where was El when I needed her ? 

" I was wondering if , you'd like to go out with me sometimes ?" He asked in a hopeful tone . 
Now seriously , El is gonna kill me . 
I froze , took a long pause and looked in his eyes. His look was an innocent one , his eyes shined while he looked at me waiting for an answer . 

I hesitated before I said .
" I....." 

Hey there lovely readers , I'm the co-author . This is the first chapter I've co-authored with Shaden , let me know what ya think and comment ! 
- Maisa951D.

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