How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


10. Locked?

Danielle’s POV:

After what had happened we continued our date. We both sat down at the table in his dining room, facing each other. The food was just AMAZING. Hours went by, we ate, talked, laughed, and just got to know each other better. He told me about how he entered The X Factor two years ago, and how Simon has sent him home. To be honest, Simon irritates me sometimes, his opinions are rude and harsh, but at least Liam’s got through this time.

He told me more about his passion towards music, about what he feels when he sings. When he told me what’s the feeling when he sings I practically felt it, it was like I was in his soul, and every word that he said touched me.

We were getting along pretty well, I felt that Liam was different, he was shy in a way, a gentleman in other, he knows how to treat a girl. He was funny, attractive, nice, smart, and never tried to cross the line with me. He would shoot a compliment at me every couple of minutes, and I would be speechless, so I just blush and thank him. Stupid much, right? And his smile, oh his smile. It took me off guard everytime he smiled at me, his face would light up, and his eyes would close a bit with those cute crinkles beside them, that left me in awe. He was too cute for anyone to turn him down, and to be honest, this was the best first date I have ever had, like seriously.

It was nearly midnight, and I had to go home, and Liam offered me a ride, and I took it since I didn’t have a car. He held my hand and walked me to the car, opened the passenger’s door for me and I got in the car. The ride home was, well… awkward, for me that is. Every few seconds he’d look at me and smile, and I would just smile back and look out of the window. Why did I not know how to reply properly? Ugh! I’m so annoying sometimes.

He broke the silence with his low, husky voice “I hope you didn’t regret coming to the date” he said, looking a bit worried “umm… n-no no. that’s not it. I had a lot of fun, actually” I said quickly with a smile, I saw him smile widely as I took the time to know what was he smiling about. He looked down, and my eyes followed, I saw our fingers were intertwined. I quickly pulled my hand and avoided his gaze, I could practically feel him grin widely and chuckle, “stop smiling”, I told him with a shy smile, still not looking at him, though. “what? I love smiling” he said with a smirk, I smiled weakly and thought of how I’ve grown to love his smile in the past few hours, “thanks. I love your smile, too” he chuckled “ohmygod! Did I just say that out loud?” I gob-smacked. The car pulled over and my hand were grabbed by Liam putting them on my lap and leaning in closer, “you don’t have to be shy” he whispered in a low voice that made my knees weak, and kissed my cheek. I looked up and my eyes met his. I was paralyzed.

I realized we were outside my house, my hands reached and opened the door, “goodnight” I said, kissing him on the cheek and getting out of the car, blushing, before I rushed to the door. I reached the door knob to find it locked. Seriously Eleanor? Ugh! How am I supposed to go in now? I knocked on the door a couple of times, but there was no answer. I tried calling El, but once again, no answer. It was really cold outside so I decided to call Liam, “umm… hey Liam” I said, “oh, hey Danni” he said, “is something wrong?” he asked, “umm… yeah actually” I said, “El forgot to keep the door unlocked and I don’t have a spare key” I said quickly, shivering “alright. I’m on my way, love” o smiled at him calling me love, “ok I’m waiting” I said and hung up. I waited for about 5 minutes until he arrived, I got in the car but he didn’t drive “so, what are you planning to do?” he asked me, “umm… I was thinking, maybe I can sleep over at your house?” I half asked half said, “yeah, sure” he smiled at me, he started the ignition and drove to his place.

We got to his place and he gave me one of his tees and a boxer, and we just cuddled the whole night, his arms around me and me snuggling to his chest, talking through the night.



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