How It All Started

Eleanor was best-friends with Liam, when he auditions to The X Factor, she gets scared that he'll forget her. Would he? read and find out...
The story doesn't contain inappropriate scenes... everyone can read it)


4. Everything Has Changed...


Eleanor's POV:

It's been two years. Two years where everything has changed.

Me and Liam stopped being friends, because all he's been doing was practicing, and I don't even know when's his audition.

I'm a model now. Yes! can you believe it? me, Eleanor Calder, a model!! how I became a model? well, a funny story actually.


I was sitting in a cafe, about a year ago, I was crying because me and Liam weren't friends anymore, I went to pay, and when I turned around to walk home I almost bumped into some guy, "Hello" he said, smiling, "umm... hi" i was confused, "excuse me, but umm... do I know you?" he smiled, "I'm Adam Greene, a modeling agent." "Oh, hi" I said still confused. "you see, I was watching you from the minute you entered, and not to be rude but girl... you are fit!" he nearly shouted, "oh, umm... thank you, I guess" I said, blushing a bit, "you're very welcome." he said, "so... are you interested in signing a modeling-contract?" WOW! that was surprising, "OMG! really?" I was really shocked, "of course I'm interested!" his smile grew wider now, "great," he gave me a card, "come to my office Sunday afternoon" "OK!" I said smiling from ear to ear.


when I got home I was so excited that I jumped on Danielle's back. Me and Danielle are best-friends, we met a week after me and Liam stopped being friends, in the middle of London, she is a dancer on the x-factor. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" she yelled at me, "you won't believe what just happened to me..." she looked at me with curious eyes, "what?!" "oh, nothing. just got stopped by a modeling agent that wants me to sign a modeling-contract." I said casually, like it was no big deal, Danielle was looking at me in disbelief, "SHUT-UP!" she paused for a second, "no way. uh, uh... no freaking way. are you serious?!" "YUP!" i said and we started jumping up and down in excitement. 


so, yeah, I'm a model now. And Danielle is a dancer, where Liam is going to audition. I wonder if they'll become friends... maybe I could get closer to him again, WAIT! what am I thinking? I don't want to become friends with someone who stopped talking to me because he was busy practicing for some show!! 








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