One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


13. why!

A/N ok so im terribly sorry for not updating for like a month well maybe 2... but i have been really busy but im having a lazy day so yeah ill update a lot today and the coming days :)


zayns pov

all i could think of was how could i let this happen, i was so mad at my self i started punching the walls, i guess the guys heard me because they were all in her room with me holding my arms trying to stop me. "what the hells going on zany" niall looked at me with questioning eyes, "jason he he fucking took sarah and told me that.." i started trailing off remembering i wasnt aloud to tell anyone, and knowing jason he was probs listening in to our conversation right now. "nevermind follow me" i led the boys to my room because i knew it was sound proof because the guys hated it when i blasted my music and they could hear it, "ok so jason took sarah and he said that if i com elooking for her or tell anyone or the police he will kill her and that if i dont get him 3million bucks and send it to this adress by tomorrow he might kill her or start breaking her bones, shes not strong enough to fight him heck she doesnt know how to fight when shes in wolf form i was going to teach her tomorrow but now he does this and i dont know what to do guys." i had tears runningdown my face now and all the guys did to. "we will find her zany, jason a werewolf he can smell you if you go looking for her but if me harry and niall go we can cover our scent with other things" said louis, "well i guess its worth a shot but NO telling anyone else about this or else she might die" they all n odded there heads and walked out of my room. i was left to think of how to get her back i couldnt just sit around and do nothing i needed to help. i headed to the bank and say i had much over 3 million dolloers i took out what i needed and headed to the adress, when i got there i saw it was an old abandoned wear house, it wasnt that scary but maybe thatas cause im used to abandoned buildings, i walked in and saw a table that had a note on it, i walked up to it picked it up adn read it, 

dear zayn,

im sorry all this happend and i wish i never met you guys so you wouldnt have to deal with all of this, i think its better i stay with jason, no matter what you do even if you get me back he will come back again and again he wont give up and i couldnt risk putting you and the boys in danger, i love you zayn with all my heart, and im so sorry for all this but its time you and i both move on, i am here in this building but dont come looking for me jason isnt alone you will die and i cuoldnt handle that, i have to come and take the money from you so i can say goodbye well im behind you so if you turn around well yeah i love you zayn, love Sarah" i stopped reading and i had tears in my eyes now, i slowly turned around and there she was my beautiful sarah but she had bruises everywhere and was completly beaten up. i ran up to her and hugged her like never before "zayn i love you but i have to go back to jason" "no sarah i wont let you i came here to get you and im not leaving without you" with that i turned into a wolf dropped the money adn ran with her on my back. "not so fast zanypoo, your not leaving without saying hello to me are you?" "i turned around and jason was standing there with for other guys by his side, i looked at sarah and she lowered herself off my back and started walking back to jason "sarah what are you doing!'' i was human again now, " zayn go please he will kill you" "yeah i will kill you zayn but since you brought me my money i suppose i will give you a headstart to getting away" after jason said that i turned into wolf form grabbed sarah and ran as fast as i could home after about 35 seconds i could hear them starting to come luckily i was just about home, i ran into the door and all the guys saw me and sarah they knew what was comming. "sarah go into my room lock the door and go in my closet and stay there" "NO ZAYN IM STAYING HERE AND IM FIGHTING WITH YOU GUYS IM NOT LETTING YOU FIGHT MY BATTLE. IM GOING TO KILL JASON AND NONE OF YOU ARE TO TOUCH HIM" i was shocked by what she said but i nodded in agreement. me liam and sarah were in wolf form and harry louis and niall had there fangs out we were all ready, standing infront of the house "i can hear them coming"  next thing i knew there was jason and his gang, "aww cute you guys think were going to fight" jason kept on talking to me and the guy about how we should just give upi but in dont think he saw sarah walking around him.


sarah pov

this was my chance he was distracted, i snuck around jason and when i was behind him i lowered into jumping position, "sarah lookout!" niall yelled "what?" i couldnt see anything someone had a hold of me and was covering myeyes natural instinct kicked in and i bite who ever it was, they screamed and ran away, i looked around and saw the boyz fighting jasons gang people but i couldnt find jason, thatw as until i heard him step behind me, i whipped around and there was the guy i have hated my whole life, "jason you better run or ill kill you" he just laughed at me "you see sarah i can kill all of your friends with just one bite from any of my friends, were hybrids, half vampire half wolf, one bite from me or any of them you friends will die miserably and painfully so i suggest you stop" i was fumming with anger, he just kept laughing and i took my chance i jumped on him bit his head and threw it to the ground, his body collapsed onto the ground and went fail, i did it i killed him! all of his gang members stopped what they were doing all the boyz stopped and looked at me. i turned back into human and threw my lighter at jasons body, he burst into flames and his friends ran away. "how did you do that sarah?" all the guys said at the same time. " i dont  know......i guess my inner wolf came out" i laughed a little. "zayn" "sarah i'm sorry i couldn't let you stay with him i ne-" i cut him off by kissing him harder and more passionate then i ever have. i could feel him smile during the kiss, he put me down and we just stared into each others eyes. "yeah so im going insdie... awkward!!!" all the guys laughed and louis remark and folllowed him inside me and zayn followed to.

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