One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


18. Transformation

3 months later

Sarah's pov me and Nate have gone on a few dates but it didn't work out between us or a least I didn't think so he still texts me and calls me all the time but I just ignore him, the boys get back today and honestly I haven't talked to them since they left. The only one hat was trying to make a effort was Louis he texted me every morning and night telling me about there days but I never replied I'm not sure why but I just felt they needed time alone.  
Harry's pov we were waiting to bored the jet when I looked over at Lou and saw he was texting someone "Lou who is that UR texting?" "Oh just Sarah she never replies but I still texts her letting her know how everything's going" "oh ok". We boarded the plane and were taking off. During the 4 months we were on tour Liam found a girl her names Daniel and zayn and perry are still together even though none of us like her he's seems happy as for me Louis and Niall were all still single but I think Niall moved on from Sarah as for me I'm just glad to be going home. 
Liam's pov we just landed and Daniel was going to pick me up from the airport but I told her to just come by the house when we get there Sarah should be here and I didn't want things to be awkward between the two. 
Sarahs pov I'm waiting in the airport and I finally see the boys coming out of the terminal with out even thinking I run up to zayn and give him a hug but I soon regret it " oh sorry I thought you were Louis" I say as an excuse "yeah sure" he scoffs I just brush it off and go back to saying my hellos next was Liam then Niall then Harry and last Louis we both just stood there for a moment then u jumped into his arms and hugged him so tight "I'm so sorry I never texted you or skyped you please forgive me" I was crying at this point I realized how much I missed these boys " haha it's ok Sarah I understand" he out me down and smiled "we'll let's go back to the house" they nods in a agreement and we all get into the van, yes van I am in love with VW's plus it can carry all of us. I drove us home and everyone headed in and unpacked. 
Louis pov I called everyone to the living room I had a big surprise for them "HEY GUYS GET UR LAZY ARSES HERE NOW" they all came in and sat down "what is it Lou I'm on the phone with perry" zayn blurted it annoyed I saw Sarah look down I could see she still had feelings for him "we'll management said that since we just did to tours we can have a few years off from Turing but just a few concerts every now and then and.......WE'RE GOING TO MIAMI" everyone was happy but there was one question I knew zayn and Liam would ask and they did. "Could I bring perry/Daniel" they said at the same time I nodded saying yes even though I know it would be awkward as fuck for Sarah and perry 

Sarah's pov I was so excited until I heard perry was coming "when do we leave" "in six hours" I was shocked I had to go pack ASAP I also used it as an excuse to go into my room away from zayn as much as I hate him I have to admit I still have feelings for him but Louis has a special place in my heart to. " I'm going to pack" Louis nods "want some help?" "No ill be ok" I reply.  All the boys go and get ready for a moment I almost thought  we were all human until I saw Harry? I couldn't make any noise from what I saw. There he was sucking blood from a girl in the middle of my room. His eyes weren't red they were black I've never seen him like this before I was terrified. He looked up at me and just attacked before I new it he was on top of me and covering my mouth hovering above my face blood dripping on my cheek. I tried to get out of his grip but it was no use, "shhh now let's see how wolf blood taste" he pushed my hair away from my neck and traced my veins with his finger, I was so confused I thought all this time if he drank from he would die I guess everyone was wrong or so will find out, he kissed my neck it sent shivers down my spine I looked into his eyes and saw no sign of Harry just a monster he sank his teeth into me and accidentally let go of my mouth I screamed as Louis as I could from the pain and sacredness

Harry's pov
I was so thirsty when we got back I hadn't eaten since we left the boys wouldn't let me just blood bags but that July holds you down for so long, when we got. Back I texted a friend of mine she came over and I just went crazy I sucked her dry and when Sarah came in I had to taste her blood I always wanted to and I don't believe the myth that there blood kills us I've seems vampires drink there blood before Liam just said that to protect the girls but that didn't work so well.  

Louis pov I heard Sarah's scream and I vamp ran up to her room with the guys I saw Harry into of her sucking her blood she looked so weak I jumped on him and through him into a wall "Niall zayn get him under control ill get Sarah some help" I picked her up and ran into my room
Sarah's pov I felt so lifeless while he was drinking my blood it felt like he was never going to stop he just kept going until I felt him be thrown off of me my vision was blurry and I knew that I was going to die I had no strength to keep my eyes open anymore all I remember was someone picking me up "Sarah come on wake up please" I heard a faint voice say I tried to open my eyes but it didn't work "Sarah please don't die I can save you" I pushed through the darkness and saw Louis crying holding my hand "Lou I ca-" I couldn't speak I had nothing left in me I was dying all I could think of was this is it soon I will be reunited with my best friend, I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker by the second 
Louis pov I was thinking of anything I could do Than I got it "LIAM COME HERE PLEASE" he ran in here and I asked him if I could turn her if it would save her it might even break the bond between her and zayn "it might work but there's no guarantee mate but try please" "Sarah I'm going to save you ok please don't worry you'll be ok" I bite her wrist sucking her dry then I snapped her neck killing I had to wait till her last breath then bite her and inject my venom into her once I heard it I lunged into her neck once I was done me and Liam waited for her to wake up and when she does she will be in extreme pain. I put her on my bed and waited. It's been three hours and nothing ha happened but I'm not giving up on her I pulled a chair beside the bed and held her hand its now 8pm and the boys are all sleeping I fell asleep in the chair holding her hand I will not leave her side until she wakes up. 

Sarah's pov I felt Louis bite me and then everything went black I feel like I've been asleep for years I know I'm not awake but its like I'm in a dream but I feel like I'm awake before I could think anything else the pain hits me ad my eyes shoot open, I scream in pain  and horror of what's happening I can feel my teeth change from wolf to vampire my body structure chances no more wolf anything it hurt so bad I just wanted to die 

Zayns pov I woke up in he middle of the night from screaming it was so loud I couldn't ignore it I ran into Louis room seeing Sarah screaming and crying all the boys were in here waiting for it to be over, she all the sudden changed into a wolf stopped screaming looked at me with complete anger and instantly changed back into a human. I think it was over because she was just lying there eyes closed breathing heavenly. I was about to ask her if she's ok but I felt extreme pain in my chest like Someone was ripping my heart out I fell to the floor clutching my chest trying to breath "ZAYN WHAT'S WRONG" Niall was freaking out Louis just laughed "the bond between me is broken she no longer is imprinted on and zayn has basically had his heart torn out he loved her and he knew he did but he played her and now she's gone" I felt the pain slowly drift away and I stood up not saying nothing realizing what Louis had said was true.
Sarah pov my eyes shot open and I could feel something pricking my bottom lip I slowly sat up and looked around th room seeing all the boys "her eyes" was all they could say I looked at the, confused and walked to my mirror once I looked in it I fell backwards terrified of what I saw. I am a vampire.

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