One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


2. The secret

Lilly's pov
I accidentally bumped into an electrical cart. Right after that there was no noise, not even a girls scream. Me and Sarah ducked down and tried to stay hidden but I wanted to find out what happend. "Let's go check it out Sarah" " not a chance in hell lily, did you hear that girl scream it sounded like someone killed her!" I thought for a bit then it it me. "Fine u stay here and be a whimp and ill go see what happend" I got up and started walking towards the guys dressing room, when I got there I couldn't her anything inside so I slowly ,looked through the windows little window. As I got my eyes to to opening of it I almost screamed in horror. There 3 of the 5 most famous boys in the world were sucking blood from what looked liked one of the girls that worked at concession. She had no life in her just a pale face and blue eyes that are slowly turning grey. But only harry louis and niall were there, where were zayn and Liam? Just then I heard a deep growl almost like a wolfs but much louder and deeper. I slowly turned around to find my self face to face with a 5'5 foot tall dark grey wolf. Then another one walked out from behind that one was bout 5'7 and light brown (kinda like Jacob from twilight lol) but they light brown one caught my eye, in his mouth he was carrying Sarah. I didn't know what to do at all.

Sarah's pov
I was sitting behind the cart waiting for lily she's been gone for about 5 minutes, I was just about to get up and go looking for her but something pushed me to the ground knocking me out, the last thing I remember is seeing a light brown blur informs of me it looked almost like a dog.

Lilly's pov

"Omg what did u do to my friend!" I screamed at the two wolves, before I could say another word they both transformed into humans. But they weren't any humans, it was zayn and Liam. I was in complet shock. "We didn't hurt Sarah we just temporarily knocked her out so she wouldn't find u before we could" explained zayn. "But why would u want to find me"? "We know you saw the other boys drinking blood and we can't let u go until we explain our selves especially me and zayn" Liam said weirdly calm. The door opened and there stood the guys. All with blood stained mouths and shirts. I didn't know what to say and it seemed I was in complete shock and couldn't move either, zayn took my hand witch gave me butterflies still even though he scares me half to death,he lead me into the boys room witch now was completely clean. No blood or body anywhere, weird. He sat down on the couch and sat me on his lap, again butterflies. Sarah got carried In By Liam and harry took her and laid her on the other couch with her head on his lap. So cute! Oh stop lily these guys are monsters.

Harry's pov
I couldn't help but feel regret and complete ashamed of what we had done. And for Sarah to have been knocked out, I couldn't stand the site of her unconscious. I put my hand on hers and within seconds she woke up. "How did you do that"! Lily questioned. 'We will tell u guys everything when Sarah's fully awake. "OMG WHERE AM I LILY WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Sarah shot up from my lap and just started rambling things, I don't blame her she probably confused.

Zayn pov
Sarah calmed down and sat beside harry who casually put his arm around her for resurgence. 'Ok songs that u both are relaxed ill tell u what's going on. Lily we know u saw harry louis and niall drinking blood from that girl, there all vampires, but they don't usually drink human blood, well louis and niall don't, harry doesn't really care about humans." I realized after I said that Sarah got up and walked over to a chair she looked terrified. "But harry doesn't kill people he loves or friends, and Louis and Niall usually drink animal blood, most of the myths about vampires are fake. But they can't go into the sun unless a witch has cast a spell on say a ring necklace watch something they would wear everyday thats an accessorie. Witch they have, they all have a ring that lets the, do so. Oh and the witch is Harry's mom Ann. They don't need human blood but if they don't drink it they will not be nearly as strong as a vampire that does, harry is much stronger than Luis and niall, but niall and louis do need human blood every once Ina while to keep them from going Ina frenzy. And that's about it, oh and they don't sparkle in the sun, but there eyes do go red when they want blood and there fangs come out to. So yeah that's about it for vampires." Sarah looked little less terrified of harry now, she slowly got up and walked over to him and sat by his lap.

Sarah's pov
I have so many questions running through my mind right now but harry looked really sad, almost that he regretted what he was. I walked over to him and sat beside him, "I'm not scared of you, I actually think its pretty cool that u guys are like this." I explained harry slowly lifted his head and smiled at me " thanks Sarah it means a lot I thought u would never talk to me again" I gave him a hug and then louis spoke up.

Louis pov
I can't believe zayn just told these two girls we have just met all of our secrets. Except for the biggest part. What a idiot. "We'll zayn did leave out the biggest part, how we became vampires, I never wanted to be like this. I still don't its horrible. I got turned when I was 20, but I still look like I'm 20 but I really am about 200 years old so yes I was alive in 1813, niall was turned 2years ago he got in a car crash and we couldn't let him die so we turned him. And harry won't tell us how he got turned or why so idk about him and there's no point in asking him he won't tell. Oh and you can only become a vampire if u have there blood in your system than you die, and you will come back to life as a vampire. (Yeah I'm using a few things from the vampire diaries) I was in a war so that's how I died and turned niall the crash and harry well u know." "So if u three are vampires what are zayn and Liam". Lily questioned
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