One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


12. surprise im back

OH MY JESUS IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UDPATED IN WELL BASICALLY A MONTH, it hard to type on an ipod and we just got a mac computer i know i could have doone it on my old one but it sucked so i rpomise there will be a new chapter atleast every 2 ddayas :) again sooo sorry!!!! and ways back to the story!!!)


sarahs pov

i ran downstairs as fast as i could i had to ssee what was happening. i guess my wolf instincts kicked in because when i got to the living room i was in full wolf form, i didnt even notice i changed...weird. "guys what the hell is going on in here" i basically yelled (vampires can understand wolfs btw i think i said they couldnt before but it would just be easier so yeah they can:) "sarah get out of here now" "no zayn i will not get out of here and who are you" but right after i asked all those memories came flooding back. jason. my ex boyfriend from canada. he was the worst person in the world. but hes a wolf now how did this all happen. we before i ask your probably wondering why hes to terrible, well when i was 16 i was a softmore at high school, he was the captian of the football team and well every girl was head over heels for him including me, than one day he asked me out and we started dating around 3 motnhs later things changed he was asking em to do stuff with him that i jjust wasnt ready for but no matter how many times i said no, he would hit me and beat me then well rape me... anyways that went on for about 5 more months until he got excepted into austrailas university he broke up with me and i thought that was the end of it. i finally got over all the depression and everything a few months ago and now hes back AND A WOLF!! " JASON WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" at this point i tranformed back into my human form and so did everyone else. "well babe you see i came here for you" "for me? what fuck does that mean" "DONT USE THAT TONE WITH ME OR ILL FUCKING PUNCH YOU" i knew he hasnt changed. right after he said that zayn and louis beign the over protective guys they are grabbed jason and threw him out of our house. "ok can someone tell me what all the fighting was about?" zany decided to speak up after a few seconds of awkward silence "well he rang the door bell liam answered not expecting anything to happen but jason ran in wolf form and started running around trying to find you i guess and when he tried to go upstairs i tackled him to the ground and we strated fighting i guess over you.. i didnnt want yo u to get hurt and he sure as hell wasnt oging to take you away from me i mean us.." did zayn really just fight...for me? maybe there is something between us after all. " well thanks guys that means a lot... i dont know why hes back i thought i was done with him for good" "wait so you actually know him?" questioned niall "yeah,..... hes my ex we dated when i was a soft more in highschool he was captian of the football team and we'll things just didn't go so well." all the things he did to me were playing back in my head a tear escaped from my eyes but i wiped it away hoping none of the guys noticed, basically all of them were sitting on a couch and starring at me waiting to tell the rest of my story but right now i couldnt. "hey sarah can we talk alone in your room?" zayn looked at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes filled with hope "yeah sure" im pretty sure he was going to ask what hapend between me and jason and i think i was going to tell him. we walked up to my room and closed the door all the guys i think started making some dinner. "ok so are you gonna tell me what happend between you and jason to make you cry?" we locked eyes and i knew he really wanted to know so i just let it all out. "ok well when i was 16 we dated about three months in he started asking me to do stuff with him that i wsnt ready for, but then he started beating me everytime i said no and he started rapping that went on for about 5 more months i was to scared to tell anyone because well i diddnt really have any friends other than lily she knew of course but she dead now and jason said that if i told anyone he wouldmake something up and tell the whole school that i begged him to date me for popularity and attention and stuf like that" by now i was in full tears i probably looked like a complet idiot. "but anyways he got excepted into austrailias univeristy and he broke up with me when he left. i thought i was finally done with him and all this drama and depression. i just got over all those problems a few motnsh ago i cant go back to the way i was it took me almost 2 years to get back to my normal self and now he just comes back and as a wolf! i dont knwo why im telling you all this you probably think in a complet idi- before i could finish my sentence he crashed his lips onto mine i deffs wasnt expecting that. ourb lips moved in sync. after a while we broke the kiss both out of breath before i could speak he interupded me "listen your not an idiot for telling me that, im actually glad you did, if jason ever even comes near you i will personally rip his heart out for what he did to you, you don't deserve to be treated like that" zayn was fumming with anger i could tell but he was controlling himself so it was ok. "and about the kiss i think, im not sure how but i think im in love with you sarah" it took me a moment before i really took in what he said "i th-think i love you to zayn" we both smiled and then got pulled me up off my bed and held both my hands and asked me the one question i never expected..."sarah will you marry me?" HHAAHHA JUST KIDDING I WANTED TO SUPRISE YOU GUYS BUT NO HE DIDNT ASK THAT!!! sorrryy he actually said " sarah will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" i smiled so big im pretty sure i looked retorted "of course i will" we hugged and kissed again this time there was more passion in i. "zaynn could you tell the rest of the guys what happpend i dont think i can again without breaking down" "of course babe come down and get some food ill tell the boys while you eat" we got downstairs and the guys were in the theater room watching avengers (best movie ever js)  i went to go get some food from the kitchen and zayn went and told the guys i could hear them gettting angry at what jason had done i dont blame them i would be to. they all came ono harry and louis with tears in there eyes and liam and niall with bloody fists probably from punching a wall. " sarah oh my god im so sorry" they all said " guys its ok im fine now but im just saying hesgonna be back he doesnt give p so easy as you all probs know.." well its getting late I'm going to bed" niall stated "yeah me to" i followed him upstairs and when i got into my room my window was open. i walked over to close it but i heard someone behind me and i knew who it was. "jason what do you want" he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me in a death grip no way i could get out of his arms "babe im just back to start over and continue our love" "love you disgust me you fucking bastard, you raped me for almost 9 months. no way im taing you back" "you know i never liked it when you talked to me like that" he was gfeting pretty angry now i could tell by the tighteening grip around my waist "yeah well im pretty sure you didnt like me at all i was just another girl for you to use to have sex with" he was furious now. before i could say another word he let go of me and punched me right in the face making everything go black.

zayns pov

i was getting tired to so i went up to sarahs room to catch some shut eye. i opened the door and smelled blood. i knew something was wrong i frantically looked around the room for sarah was she wasnt here. "that bastard" i whispered i knew jason did this how could i just let sarah be alone after all this uhg im so stupid. there was a note attached to the window it said;

dear zayn

im sorry but your just not the guys for me. hhahaha just kdding its jason. i toook sarah back. if you try to save her she will die. tell the police she will die. do anything to stop what i do with her well shill die. anyways if you truly love her send 3 million dollors to this address 325 glen way park (no clue if thats a adress or not) you have till tomorrow oh and if you dont do it by then i might just kill her or break her arm or r her again 

with love,



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