One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


19. never felt this way

sarahs pov i looked in to the mirror and i didnt recognize myself at all i had bright red eyes and sharp fangs. "what what happened last thing i checked i was a wolf" 'sarah you were dying i had to save you im sorry" louis looked down after saying that he almost seemed ashamed of what hes done to me. i walked over to him and cupped his face in my hands "louis im not mad im just confused i could never be mad at you especially for saving my life" he looked up and smiled. "so shes not sired to me anymore?" i growled and looked at zany "wait did you just growl sarah" niall looked at me confused "uh i guess so" so now im still growling great. "well atleast shes not my problem anymore" zayn scoffed and started to walk off, what he said infuriated me i only thought of riping his head of and tearing him to shreds but not as a vampire as a wolf and before i knew it i was wolf form again "how can she do that i thought she was a vampire" liam looked so confused along with the others "looks like im both i growl" "zayn i may not be your problem anymore but that doesnt make it right for you to treat my like this all i ever did was love you but now i wish i never did your just a waste of a good looking body. i hope your rot in hell" and with that i transformed back to my vampire body and ran to my room.

nialss pov me and the boys just watched as sarah changed wolf to vampire its confusing but i guess shes a hybrid now witch means if she bites any of us at all were done unless she gives us her blood. shot got really mad at zayn then stormed off to her room im guessing "wait guys isnt harry in her room"? we all rushed after her but she was in there pinning him down on the ground he still wasnt back to his normal self

louis pov i felt so bad but i couoldnt just let her die i had to do something atleast shes not mad, watching her fight with zayn made me pissed but i stayed out of it she stormed out and ran to her room and then we remebered harrys in there but when we got to her room she was sitting ontop of him holding his arms down screaming to stop "sarah stop your going to get hurt" was all i could say liam picked her up off of him and i grabbed harry holding him still "let me go i need to kill that bitch she didnt let me finish her off last night" harry spat as me "no harry stop you used to like her what is wrong with you get back to your normal self please im begging" sarah walked up to him and looked him in the eyes "harry i know your in there please come back " he just laughed at her witch im guessing pissed her off because she punched him right across the face. he spat up blood and fell to the floor, he looked up and his eyes were back to normal "i guess sometimes you really do have to knock some sense into people sometimes" liam laughed

2 days later

sarahs pov well we missed our flight ot miami but everything has gotten back to somewhat normal perry and zayn are being cute everytime im around and louis has been teaching me vampre ways but every day i feel like im loosing more of the wolf side of me, as for harry hes back to normal and liam has been with his girlfriend daniel and niall and me are just friends, im jyst glad im not sired to zayn anymore he cant hurt me any longer. "guys i reschualed our flight to tonight so no more drama lets just go have fun and try to stay human as possible" i mind messaged everyone but zayn i hope he misses the flight but of course liam being the good guy texted him telling him. 6 hours later everyone is packed and were at the airport waiting to bored i guess louis forgot to tell me that i should feed on a human before i go anywhere becasue other wise i might loose complet control becasue right now all i could do was smell blood every signle sweet vein waiting for my fangs to suck it dry my eyes turned red and my fans came out

louis pov we were waiting to bored the plane when i looked at sarah "shit guys we need to get her out of here now" "no louis im not ruining the trip" "sarah you might not ruin the trip but you will loose all control and we wont be able to stop you" "we just need to find her a meal" niall whispered "follow me sarah" she got up and folllowed me and niall. we walked past a group of girls wanting autographs and sarahs eyed started glowing red i could tell she was about to loose it, i felt bad having to kill a inicent girl but i grabbed one and took her to the back room with me niall and sarah "ok make it quick and try not to be messy" i couldnt watch as much as i wanted to i couldnt watch a fan die there the reason were here and now im doing this.

sarahs pov  i looked at the girl covered her mouth and sank my fangs into her mouth, i fell the blood run down my throat it tasted so good i couldnt stop i had to keep going, i sucked her dry and noticed i had blood all over me "so much keeping it clean" louis laughed "sorry its my first time" "its ok ill go get you new cloths" niall said runnning fast making sure we wouldnt miss the plane. once i finished changing i felt so good i new it would be hard to control myself on the plane having 4 humans with us plus liams girlfriend if i even touched her he wouldnt think wice about killing me. we all got on the plane i sat beside louis and niall zayn and perry were beside each other harry was by him self and liam with daniel i havent fully introduced my self but she seems really nice im not sure if she know what all of us are and i know perry does but i think daniel would be better off not knowing. the flight was going to be 8 hours long i reclined my chair  and rested my head on my shoulder trust me it was not comfy. louis seemed to notice he put his arm around me and i rested my head on his chest feeling safe. "go to sleep will be there before you know it" i nodded drifting off. i woke up about 2 hours later and all i could smell was blood my eyes shot open and louis just held my face making me stay looking at him "louis shes bleeding alot i dont know what to do" i heard liam cry i tasted blood on my lips but i dont know why "louis what happend i said scared to know "you well attacked daniel in your sleep you almost drank her dry but liam saved her you have no control over your thirst i can tell becasue you want more dont know?" he questoin looking scared i nodded slowly he look nervous then relieved "niall in my bag i have a blood bag pass me it quickly" "got it here" niall threw it to louls he told me to drink it slowly so i feel more saisfied i did as i was told then i feel back asleep

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