One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


23. miami

(I'm going to start telling the story from first person of sarah doing all the POV is getting frustrating)

the plane ride to Miami has been one for the books. after attacking Daniel and realizing how uncertain my cravings will be has made me realize that i need to take this more seriously. louis had been there for me since the beginning and I can honestly say regardless of our "brother and sister" feelings we had when we first met i truly have feelings for this boy and I'm almost certain there mutual. were getting off the plane and heading to the hotel. i fell asleep after the whole attack thing but i apoligized to daniel and she seems to understand, liam on the other hand I'm pretty sure he hasn't forgiven me yet i mean i don't blame him i almost killed his girlfriend. "so we have three rooms, Liam Daniel you guys have your own same with perry and zayn, as four the four of us were going to have to share" louis explains in a very casual tone. everyone nods and heads there own ways, when me louis Niall and harry get to our room i see theres only two beds. "looks like you three have to share a bed" i say laughing, Niall chuckles "very funny but i believe you and louis can have that one ill share with harry" he winked at me and started unpacking his bags as did harry. louis had a look of complete and udder happiness on his face, i couldn't help but blush. once we were all unpacked we headed to the beach. me and louis kept splashing around and play fighting in the water. we all tried surfing but it was a lot harder than i thought i fell numerous times face first. louis grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up from the water laughing his ass off. we both looked into each others eyes and leaned in and kissed. this kiss had so much feeling in it and passion. i can honestly say i am falling for louis and i couldn't be happier. we all kept swimming until we got hungry and went to the board walk for some dinner. "so louis have you guys made it official yet?" harry jokes while hugging his arm. louis just laughs and shakes it off. i interrupt and say "yeah harry we actually have" louis  looked shocked but happy i saved him from the embarrassment, he put his hand on my thigh under the table and just kept smiling. harry just looked back down to his food and continued eating. later that day we were all back at the hotel and louis would not let go of my hand i was wondering if he actually was taking the comment earlier serious. "listen sarah... i really like you i do" oh boy all i could think is he doesn't feel the same way I've made a fool of my self "its just i really like you and i want to be with you and i know this is really short notice but i honestly can say I'm falling in love with you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you" i sat there shocked at what i was hearing tearing up with happiness i watched as he pulled a promise ring out of his pocket and hand it to me "i promise that i will never let anyone or any immortal being come between us again" he picked me up and we started kissing. i have can honestly say I've never been happier to meet a group of vampires.

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