One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


8. Love sucks....literally

(Theres gonna be some swearing in this one and violance so if u dont like that stuff dont raead anymoore :)Sarah's pov
After the movie was over basically everyone was asleep, I decided to go to bed so I walked back to me and lily room. She followed me and I thought I should tell her about Justin coming earlier. She said that we would have to think of something because we new he would return. After about five minutes we had a plan and she left to go to the washroom. As she did I turned around to find of course. Justin. Looking through my drawers but of course my luangerie drawer. "Get out!" I ran up to him and pushed him down while grabbing a pink beta out of his hand. "Oh come on babe you know u want me" "actually I do want you, but I want you dead" the next thing I. Did was probably really stupid considering Justin is like 10000x faster and stronger than me, ever since I found out the guys were vampires I couldn't help but carry around a little wouldn't stake, I would carry it in my pants pocket or in my she for easy acces in case I ever needed it, anyways I bent down grabbed it and pierced Justin right in the stumach, of course to kill a vampire you have to stab it in e heart so this didn't work so well. "Wow you almost hurt me!, not now let take this little piece of wood out and try it on you, ya little bitch" next thing I knew Justin was coming towards me with the bloody wood.

Harry's pov
I woke up from the smell of fresh blood, but it wasn't human blood it was vampire blood. "Guys someone else is here" "harry I smell it to, wait where's Sarah!" Niall questioned, "she went to bed guys now shut up I'm trying to sleep" a disturbed lily replied. "Something wrong, I smell vampire blood and none of us are bleeding so someone else is here and I think I know who it-" "OMG JUSTIN STOP YOUR GOING TO KILL ME," I was cut off by Sarah's screech. Me and the boys vampire ran up to her room to find her with a wooden stake in her stomach and Justin sucking blood from her neck, but there where teeth marks on her arms to. "You sun of a bitch let her go or ill fucking rip you To shreds" "oh but you wouldn't want to do that now would you harry, see if you or any of UR friends come any closer I will snap her neck then she will die. Or I could just giver her some of my blod and turn her into or of us, your call" "harry it's ok just don't do anything stupid, you'll be fine without me, he would have killed you anyways if I told you how I truly felt, just remember I love you" she was crying but I couldn't figure out why, wait no she can't give herself up for us I won't let her! "Harry listen its going to be okay" something's different about Sarah she wouldn't just give herself up.

Lilly's pov
I looked over at Sarah and gave her the signal and wi that she took out her wooden bullet gun (if your confused me and sarahs plan was for me to die my hair brown like hers and her to die hers blonde even though we look alot alike we wanted justin to ink i was sarah so sarah could kill him without him suspecting anything) anyways sarah shot Justin right in the heart. But before he died he bit into my neck and suck so much blood out I felt as if I was falling off a cliff and no one was going to catch me. "Sarah omg no" harry cried

Sarah's pov
NO NO NO OMG NO LILY WASN'T SUPPOSED TO GET HURT. " lily OMG please no this can't happen I'm so sorry" all the guys looked confused I thickly explained what happend. Lily was slowly drifting away. I was crying my heart out I couldn't believe she got hurt that should have been me how could I be so stupid. "You have to help her please" "lily please love I can help you I can turn you Into a vampire." Niall questioned she looked at zayn who was crying his heart out. He walked over and kneeled down beside her, "zayn I'm sorry but I know that if I become a vampire we couldn't be together, I don't want to become a vampire I want to die a human and stay that way I'm sorry I love you" and then she slowly closed her eyes. She died. "NO LILY PLEASE I LOVE YOU IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE DON'T DO THIS PLEASE!" Zayn was going crazy he can't believe it just happend none of us could. "Ok well we're going to give her a proper seramony I said through the tears. I can't believe my best friend is dead It all happend so fast it doesn't feel real but I know it is. Louis Liam and harry haven't said a word since lily died. We barrier her in a field out in the country(Lilly's fav place). When we got back to the house I went into my room slammed the door shut and cried my eyes out. I can't believe I lost her.

Harry's pov
I don't even know what to think. Was what lily said all true? He would kill me? I can't believe she died. Zayn in complet shut down mode and louis seems to be going crazy from everyin and Liam is trying to keep everyone calm

Zayn a pov
I just have to shut it off. All my emotions. No I can't this isn't right. Lily shouldn't be dead Sarah should. I'm going to make her pay I know she wouldn't ever want to become a vampire or a wear wolf but I'm going to make her. I can turn her into a wolf. All I have to do is bite my wrist and make her drink my blood. Snap her kneck and she will come back a wolf. I walked to her room swung her door open shaved her against the wall and bit my wrist. "Zayn what are you doing, HARRY HELP ME PLEASE,!!!!" Harry ran into the room I put Sarah In a head lock. "Zayn relax your just mad please don't do this" by this time all the guys were in the room, "why why not she's the reason Lilly's dead!" "Zayn if you turn her you will imprint on her!" "No I won't and ill prove it" I shoved my wrist into her mouth forcing her to drink my blood. Harry ran up to me and tried to get me off her but it only made me more mad I snapped her neck then. As if she was just another girl harry brought home to eat. "ZAYN YOU ASS IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" All the guys held him back I just stood there laughing "we'll have fun with your werewolf girlfriend, oh wait that's not aloud oops" then I turned into a wolf and ran out of the house to the woods to cool off.

Nialls pov
Harry's a horrible person. God if only Sarah knew how much I actually like her. I would have protected her from zayn and Justin none of this would happen. "I'll wait here till she wakes up all of you can go AMD get something to eat" "I'll wait to" "no harry u need to eat go" I did use some compulsion on harry just to make him leave. They all left leaving me with Sarah's lifeless body. But it won't be that way for long.
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