One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


14. life couldn't get better

A/N!!! omg im soooo sorry holy jesus i havent updated in forever ive been busy but im going to try to update as much as i can and if i dont i will eat a reeces pieces i hate those btw! ok anyways back to the story my lovely likers and followers! btw their will be some foul language in here!


Zayns pov

its been a week since sarah got kidnaped and the fight, we havent had any fights and lifes been pretty good but i feel like shes hiding something from me but i dont want ot bug her because i know she misses her faimly and lily and i dont want ot overwhelm her. "hey guys can i talk to you in the lviing room?" i yelled to the others all of them came in and sat down. "ok so i was thinking we should go on vacation soon like to disney la-" "OMG YES I NEED TO MEET WOODY!" liam jumped up and yelled i just layghed and i toook that as a yes. "ok so ill get tickets and we shal goo soon!" all the boys left my room and i went ot the tore to get tickets.

sarahs pov

i was sitting in the backyard thinking all by my self, somehow harry creeped into my thoughts and i was thinking of all the times we had then louis and then zany but why did he come last...i was so confused i needed to talk to someone so i of course i went ot liam my best friend. i found him sitting on his bed watching toy story, " hey li can we talk?" he patted the spot next to him gesturing me to sit, "whats up?" his golden eyes pierced through my skin and i dont know why but i leaned in and kissed him, more than i ever kissed zayn or anyone theres was more passion and love in this one. he was kissing back and i pulled away quickly crying and feeling stupid. "no no sarah its ok it was a mistake it never should have happened im sorry okay" i smiled " i dont know where it came from i guess i just got lost in your eyes haha well i need to go find zayn i think we need to take a break i say slowly" what why!" "well ive been thinking about louis and harry and that just happened and who knows what will happen with niall, i think i just need to get away for a bit and figure everything out. he just nodded and i walked out to find zayn. he was just walking in from going somewhere and called for me so i guess he needed to say something to, "hey zayn can we talk?" "uh sure..."  i leaded to an empty spare room and sat down with him."ok so ive been thinking and-" no listen sarah i need to say something first, youve been distant for a while and i feel like we need to take a break i love you trust me i do but theres something misssing between us and we both need time away." i stared at him shocked i never thought he would say that i just nodded with tears in my eyes and i ran out the door, i dont know where i was going or why becasue i was going to do the same thing but coming from him it hurt a lot i jumped in my car and drove away.


zayns pov

well that was harder than i thought. the only reason i said we need a break is becasue when i was at the plane ticket store or whever it is, is because right before i was going to the line i saw my ex..perry (i love perry but shes going to be a bitch in this story! NO HATE TOWARDS HER AT ALL I LOVE HER AND ZAYN THEIR PERF!)  i looked at her and everything came back. im guessing she saw me to because next thing i knew we were back at her house and in her bed...if sarah finds out shes going to kill me so thats why i think me and sarah are over anyways i just used her to get over perry witch clearly didnt happen. 


Liams pov

i just eavesdropped on their whole conversation and i read zayn mind to. i know exactly why he did that and know im going to kill him. i walked out of my room and into thiers i guess the other guys were listening because we were all standing infront of his doors pissed at ever. i opened it and grabbed zayn "you mother fucker you hooked up with perry and used sarah!" all the guys were screaming at him but zayn being stronger than me got out of my grip "fuck you guys you dont even know, sarahs just a useless bitch another hoe i use. i never cared about her at all." "so thats what i am to you" i turned around and their was sarah standing in the door way balling her eyes out "no sarah i didnt mea- "save it zayn i was reading your mind, remember I'm not just a stupid hoe, im a stupid werewolf hoe. but whateve ri get it you never loved me ou ust used me like jason" zayns face went pail."sarah come one lets go" louis said holding his hand out. but she just ran out the door and out of the house. "great now look at what you did zayn shes porobably going to kill her self!" harry yelled runing after her. i looked at zayn with shame and walked ran after her all of the guys spread out and started looking for her.


nialls pov

i was stabding in the forest thinkning of where she would go then it came to mind, the train tracks, she always said thats where she would go to die it would be fast and quick. i rn their and found her sitting on the tracks crying she looked up and saw me "niall go away im not in the mood "sarah just get away from the tracks and ill leave" by this time louis and liam and harry were with me but not zayn he was proabbly fucking perry somewhere. i heard the trains horn and saw it coming around the corner "sarah get off! " louis yelled liam tried to grab her and pull her off but she just pushed him away i was runing to her but the train hit her. it kept on going for hat felt like forever all of us were crying waiting hopeing she jumped out of the way. finally the end came adn we ran to find her lying on the ground crying. i picked her up "sarah dont ever scare us like that again" she just stayed in my arms crying "why me why would he do that to me after everything ive been through" she yelled "i dont know why but hes going to pay for it" harry said wth anger i carriedher princess style back to the house when we got their i found perry sitting in the living room mackin on zayn. "what the fuck are you doing here" louis yelled at perry "oh im sorry i didnt know i had to do everything you say she bitched at louis" zayn pushed past sarah but she grabbbed his arm softly and looked him in the eyes "zayn im sorry i was just another hoe and that you never fell for me the way i did for you but i love you and im sorry that you fell that hoe instead" she said quit sassy "excuse me who the fuck are you" perry said "im zayns ex but its ok you can have my sloppy seconds sarah said happpily and walked to her room. all of us just laughed except perry and zayn

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