One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


9. Changes

A/N alright so I'm really sorry that I haven't updated for a long time, weekend over so now it's school again-_- anyways what did I all think about the last chapter? To much drama? Please tell! If u have any ideas feel free to let me know and If I decide to use it I will give u creds! Anyways back to the story!!!

Sarah's pov
I woke up in a deep sweat. I felt so weird. All I remember was zayn screaming at harry and I having his blood in my mouth. "Oh thank god your ok" I thought it was harry hugging me at first but then recognized the Irish accent. "Thanks niall, but what happend and why am I so hungry?" "Ok well I don't know how to tell you this but....your a werewolf." "IM A WHAT?" "I know it's a surprise and you never wanted to become one of us but I couldn't just kill you well that wouldn't have worked anyways so I'm sorry but looks like your stuck like this " "can you please leave me alone for a bit I just need some time to think" niall left my room and I guess I got super hearing because I could hear all the guys walk in with what smelled like fried chicken with fries and gravy from nandos. This is horrible. First I. Threatened that the guy I love with be killed if I tell him how I feel them my best friend dies because of me now I'm a werewolf. Wtf.
3 days later
I've been sitting in my room and haven't come out at all. I've gone into really bad depression and I've started to cut. Yes cut. On my wrists. I'm always wearing a hoody so the guys can't see. Today I'm dyeing my hair black and I think I might go scene. I've always wanted to just never had the reason to but now I do. Anyways my hair is naturally a dark brown so its close to black. I quickly got dressed and ran out of the house before any of the guys could stop me. I ran to the drug store and started running home when I noticed I was getting faster I guess I wanted to see how fast and before I knew it I was a wolf. About 5'6 tall and black with a hint of brown almost like highlights. I didn't know what to do since I was in the middle of the city but it was a cold rainy day so no one was out where I was. I quickly ran home wolf form burst through the door and found all the guys in the living room,they shared questioning looks before coming up to me. "Grr girfr grr" well what I meant was how am I supposed to change back but seems like none of them got that. Zayn changed to a wolf and started talkking to me almost like in my head. He told me how to turn back and so I did. Unfotanitly I forgot when we turn back we only have our shirt on that we where wearing. So yes no pants nothing I quickly ran upstairs and put some sweats on that said swag on the butt. I came back down and didn't remember my scars on my wrist. I was just wearing a t-shirt so they should completely.

Louis pov
I couldn't believe my eyes. Sarah had scars all up her for arm. The only reason I don't talk much is because I know how harry and niall feel about Sarah but I feel the same. But I don't want to make it a fight for her so I just try to keep my mouth shut. "Sarah can I talk to you for a second?" "Uhm sure" I walked her into the living room and sat her down "listen I'm not going to ask u why UR cutting because I think I know why, lily, AMD being a wolf. I just want to let you know that I'm always going to be here for you if you need someone to talk to or someone to just listen. I haven't told anyone this but I feel I should, I like you Sarah and I would really like it if I could take you out on a date. But if u don't want to go on a date I understand. " "aww louis thanks , and I'd love to but me being new to this wolf thing I wouldn't wan to turn in public so may e we could just watch a movie in the theatre room just us." "Sounds great love,well it's 9pm you should get some sleep gnight" I gently kissed her forgead and started to walk away but she grabbed my hand and led me to her room. She sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her motioning for me to sit with her. "Will you stay here for the night?" "Of course love anything for you" she laid down and I laid beside her I pulled her close to me, we were facing each other my arms around her waist and her hands on my chest resting her head on top. "Good night love" "night Lou" I started to sing they don't know about us ( I'm pretty sure u know the song so I'm not going to write the lyrics out cause I find that annoying haha) after about 3 minutes of singing to her she was fast asleep I decided to stay for the night so I let me head sinks into the pillow and I drifted to sleep

A/N alright so I wld really appreciate some feed back on how the story' is since its my first one, please let me know if there's to much drama or if u have any ideas :)
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