One directions secret

ok so sarah and her best friend lily go to a 1D concert but what they find out changes their lifes forever some more than others. READ MORE TO FIND OUT! if your going to post this story somewhere please at least give me creds i really dont mind nut i would like credit :* i love all my followers!! if you want any help with a book let me know :)


17. all alone with no one

sarahs pov: i wake up and feel like ive been sleeping for years, i had a weird dream that the guys left for tour and only liam said goodbye, after a few moments i realized it was real. " well i better get dressed and do something" great now im talking to myself. i get up brush my teeth have a shower and do my hair and get dressed in red shorts with a black tank top that ties on the side with a white cross in the middle. i feel so hipster i think to myself smiling. i walk back into my room and see a envelop that says dont open till you miss us with a kissing face i laugh and know its from the guys. i grab my phone seeing i have 50 missed calls and 247 texts. " was i really asleep for that long" i say out loud. "yes you were" someone replays. i spin around and see the nate from the wanted. "uhm what are you doing here?" " i was in the naighbourhood and decided to visit the guys but i see there gone. "you guys hate one direction theres no way you came to see them i state. "ok fine i came to see you" i look confused at him asking for a reason why. "well i know what zayn did to you and i know whar you are to miss were  wolf "hoe" i laugh at the way he said it "and why does that bring you here?" "because you need a real guy one who will respect yuo so will you go on a date with me tonight?" "oh uhm ok sure" i respond smiling. he starts walking away but then i remember someonthiung i had to ask "wait how do u know what i am" "im one to" he winks transforms and jumps out my window and runs into the woods. i stand there shocked yet happy

its 5 now and nate is going to be here any minute, none of the guys have texted me all day but i dont miss them yet its only been a day so i wont worry to much


nate: i get in my car and drive to pick sarah up i actually do like her and she needs toget away from those guys there terrible to her. i arive at her place and she comes out wearing dark ripped jeans and a purple shirt  and black heels "wow u look hot" "thanks so where we going?" "youll see, i take her to a club all the guys are there to (the reast of the wanted ) we walk right in and head to the bar "wow this place is nice" she says "thanks i own it i say smiling she looks supirsied but then orders 6 shots 3 each. we down them adn head to the dance floor.


harrys pov: we arrived at our first gig its in paris then we go across america, most of the guys arent even talking about sarah im pretty sure louis and me are the ones that like her the most i just hope we dont fight over her


louis pov: me and my ex have been talking but i told her we need to stop my heart belongs to sarah weather she knows it or not and im going to get her even though all the guys feel the same way

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